Chicago Cubs Should Sign Grady Sizemore

By Andy Schmidt
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We are just two months away from Major League Baseball spring training being in full swing and there are still some free agents floating around out there that aren’t getting any much attention. I think a sneaky pickup for a team would be Grady Sizemore. There is a team that could use a center fielder as well and could get Sizemore at a decent price in the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs are looking at a hole in center that wasn’t filled well by Brett Jackson to end the 2012 season and even with the chance that David DeJesus could play there, Sizemore could fit in very well on the North Side. Sizemore is also a left-handed hitter that could balance out the Chicago order well. Sizemore might hit leadoff but would more likely hit in the No. 6 or 7 spot in the Cubs lineup if the Cubs were to sign Sizemore.

It is a low-risk, high-reward move for Theo Epstein and the Cubs organization and someone who could make the team better than what they were in 2012 with over 100 losses. Sizemore needs a change of scenery and would enjoy the sunny summer afternoons at Wrigley Field along with possibly staying healthy in a new league. It is not a perfect scenario for sure but I don’t see many takers out there for Sizemore right now so if the Cubs could make a move like this, I think they may be able to along with some other moves be close to a 75-win team in 2013. That would be a ton better than this past season.

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