Andrelton Simmons Real Deal for Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
Andrelton Simmons Atlanta Braves
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

There has been interest from clubs in the Atlanta Braves young shortstop Andrelton Simmons. Throughout any interest the Braves have indicated repeatedly that they aren’t interested in parting ways with Simmons. The price would simply be too high. What kind of return will the Braves get on the investment they are placing in Simmons this year? Will it be enough now and in the future to keep him instead of trade him?

Simmons is the real deal so we can get that part out of the way. He isn’t a fluke or a no talent wanna be or any of that. He’s going to be outstanding defensively and offensively has some pop that will probably come along with strength and size in the years to come. His arm is wonderful and accurate for a young guy that has a big arm. There are no indications that he will be a forty homer guy right now but there are also no indications that he will be a bust.

The problem could be that if he doesn’t come along a little more offensively, he might be a strong defensive, middle of the road offensive shortstop. In all likelihood that won’t happen. The Braves are very high on him and have been for a while. All signs point to Simmons being able to come through on his hype. But, lots of other young players like Justin Upton and several others are doing fine on their hype as well. Is it a good decision to hold on to Simmons instead of trading his potential for a more primed player? Considering his position, probably so.

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