MLB Rumors: Could Philadelphia Phillies Snag a Young Outfielder

By David A. Cattai
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When the Los Angeles Angels signed outfielder Josh Hamilton to a lengthy deal this past week, they realized that there was an excess amount of outfielders on their roster. Rumors have been swirling over the past week about whether or not the Angels would trade a younger player, such as Mark Trumbo, to help fill other needs on their 2013 roster.

Trumbo’s name has been thrown around with teams such as the New York Mets, Miami Marlins, and any team that needs a young power hitter. The team that has not been included in trade talks is the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies have been looking for cheaper ways to fill their needs this offseason in order to stay underneath the luxury tax threshold. They have also been included in rumors for the other Angels outfielders Vernon Wells and Peter Bourjos. But with the recent trade of Kendrys Morales, the Angels may not look to trade Trumbo.

Trumbo without a doubt would fit a need for the Phillies. Ruben Amaro Jr. came into the offseason looking for a power bat that could play in the corner outfield.

The only caution with playing Trumbo in the outfield is his defense, especially being a converted first baseman and third baseman. Trumbo played 761 of his 983 innings in the outfield last season. In fact, he played very well in the outfield. Of his seven total errors in 2012, only three came from the outfield, which is four less than Domonic Brown and one more than John Mayberry Jr.

Trumbo would definitely be a great fit for Philadelphia not only because of their outfield needs, but also because of how he would be able to influence the lineup. If the Phillies were to acquire Trumbo, their lineup could become one of the best in baseball if healthy.

But this question still remains. Do the Phillies even have enough talent down in the minor league system to make a trade to acquire Trumbo?

All signs point to a no, especially with the recent trade of Vance Worley, Trevor May, and Lisalverto Bonilla to the Minnesota Twins.

The Phillies minor league system, according to FanGraphs, was ranked 20th at the beginning of last season. Due to the recent trades, they will have likely dropped down a couple of places.

Another factor that comes into play is the fact that the Angels minor league system is right above the Phillies at number 19. If the Angels were to trade Trumbo, they would likely want a plethora of pitching and promising young stars for the 26-year old, who has hit 61 home runs and knocked in 184 runs over the past couple of seasons.

With Trumbo likely entering the prime of his career very soon, the Angels need to be cautious about what they would get in return for him.

For all Phillies fans out there, do not get your hopes up because it is very unlikely that Trumbo will be playing in red pinstripes in the near future.

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