Former MLB Player Ryan Freel Commits Suicide

By Bryan Lutz
Rob Grabowski – USA TODAY Sports

It’s sad to report about death, especially suicide, at any time of the year, but it’s even more heartbreaking when it’s around the holiday season. Unfortunately, former MLB player Ryan Freel committed suicide. He was 36 years old.

Freel was a role player for a majority of his career, making a name for himself for the Cincinnati Reds. He was one player most Reds fans loved and enjoyed, seeing as he was one of those grinder types who gave 110% at all times. Freel retired after a short stint in 2009 for the Kansas City Royals. He finished his career with a .268/.354/.369/.723 slash line, including 143 stolen bases.

Freel was a resident of the Jacksonville, Florida community, who coached youth baseball since his player career was over.

I always had fond memories of Ryan Freel. As I previously said, he was a player that all fans grew fond of due to his grinder persona. He was the type of player that was always dirty by the end of the game, which is something he probably prided himself for. Those are the type of players that stick around a lot longer than they should, seeing as players and teammates love having those guys in their clubhouse.

It’s not too often we hear about a former MLB player committing suicide, but it doesn’t make it any less tragic. Considering I have no idea what was going on in Freel’s life, I am by no means going to judge him. But I hope his family and friends can cope with the tragedy, and I hope Ryan can rest in peace.


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