Ex-Met R.A. Dickey Sends Farewell Holiday Message To Fans

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

In all that we have seen from R.A. Dickey over the past three years while wearing a New York Mets uniform, the very last thing we can ever say of him, was that he was not classy.  Yesterday, Dickey sent a farewell message to Mets fans through the Daily News that allowed him to say goodbye in only a way that he could.

While conducting himself in a peaceful and almost zen-like way, and honing one of the most difficult pitches in MLB, Dickey rose to the occasion and became only the third Mets pitcher to win the CY Young Award, and now finds his way to the Toronto Blue Jays in hopes of continuing his upward trend.  Here are a couple of snippets from Dickey’s article, but for the full holiday farewell, you can visit the Daily News.

“A little over a year ago I was knocking around book titles with my publisher when we finally found a keeper. The minute I heard the words, “Wherever I Wind Up,” I liked the cadence of them. I liked the mystery of them.

Most of all, I liked the way they captured the essence of my nomadic pitching life — which has now taken another completely unforeseen turn.”

Dickey goes on to say:

“I never expected to be writing a farewell “holiday card” to Mets fans. I never expected to be doing anything but celebrating the joy of the season with my wife and kids and looking toward the spring, and the start of my fourth season with an organization that gave me maybe the greatest gift an athlete can get:

A chance.”

Dickey ends on this note:

“God has blessed me in so many ways. His grace and mercy are at the center of my life. I may not pitch for the home team anymore (a friend told me I now have to start calling myself a Canuckleball pitcher ) but wherever I go from here — wherever I might wind up in the future — I hope you know that I will never forget my three years in New York, and never be able to adequately thank you for everything you’ve given me.”

Dickey thanks the Mets for the chance they gave him in order to not have to go pitch in Korea, or stay in the minors for that matter.  He also fully appreciates the fans and their good will towards him every time he took the mound, especially recalling his 20th win.  There are undoubtedly many genuinely great ball players in all sports in this world.  But I simply can not recall  one so eloquently spoken and thankful for the “chance” he was given by the Mets to compete at this level.

What Dickey does not realize, is that it is us, the Mets fans, who are truly grateful for the pitcher we have come to see every fifth day, and the man we have come to respect for the way he carries himself, and for the role model he is to our children.  Thank You, R.A. Dickey.  Thank you for the three years of service to our team and our community.  And just remember, even in the land of the Canadians, we will still be rooting and watching just where you will wind up.  Happy Holidays to you and your family, and good luck!


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