Fewer than 100 days to Kansas City Royals' Opening Day

By Bandon Decker
Opening Day
Denny Medley – US Presswire

As of today, 23 December, it is fewer than one hundred days until Opening Day for the Kansas City Royals. It’s nice to know, in the dark and cold of a winter solstice, that we are only a double digit number of days away from the return of the summer sport. (That assumes, of course, that one is in the northern hemisphere as most baseball fans are. If you are reading this from Australia or thereabouts please put down your white wine, step in from the sun and pretend it is June.)

The Royals don’t have a lot to do in this period after the holidays; they already got their fans the present of good pitching and have a well-established lineup overall. They’ve added some more depth to the minor league system in the last couple of weeks as well and the roster seems about as well set as it will get before Spring Training. All that is left then is to finalise the last few spots and get players into form in the month of March (and the end of February this year). I expect, therefore, that Dayton Moore will have a very quiet period after New Year’s before starting to prepare for Spring Training.

Even making the assumption that the Royals make no more significant moves between now and the start of Spring Training does not rule out some moves after camp starts, of course. That will probably be the busier portion of the 99 remaining days ahead of the season opener away to the Chicago White Sox, though hopefully not because of an injury crisis like last year. It’s still possible that the Royals will make some moves with respect to the reserves at various positions as players fail or succeed in Surprise as the details in the lineup take shape.

However the next three months go; they can really not go by fast enough. Not even the solstice holidays can compare to Opening Day and especially not this year. Only 99 more days to go…

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