Reports say Nick Swisher is Leaving the New York Yankees, but where did he end up?

By Scott DelleFave
Swisher, Nick 1
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Nick Swisher deal is reportedly four years and 56 million dollars, with an option for a fifth year and an additional 14 million dollars for him to sign with the Cleveland Indians.

A switch-hitter, Swisher batted .272 with 24 homers and 93 RBIs in 148 games last season, his fourth with the New York Yankees.  That being said, Swisher seemingly vanished into thin air this year in the playoffs and hasn’t been seen or heard from until today where he will join the Tribe, after they lost out on Shane Victorino as he went to the Boston Red Sox.

He will fill the hole left by Shin-Soo Choo, after he was traded earlier this off-season to the Cincinnati Reds. And at least during the regular season he will fill the void smoothly, in the post-season who knows which Swisher will show up.

Swisher and his wife were shown a suite and the team’s clubhouse before the Indians tugged at Swisher’s connections to The Ohio State University to convince him Cleveland should be his next baseball home. Swisher played baseball for the Buckeyes. The Indians had Ohio State’s football coach, Urban Meyer personally call hm to come to “home”. Also when management had lunch with Swisher, they also invited former football coach Jim Tressel as well. Swisher was apparently really moved by all this effort make him feel right at home and he didn’t hesitate and signed right on the dotted line.


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