MLB Rumors: Are The Chicago White Sox Interested In Jason Kubel?

By Evan Crum
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox need a left-handed hitter after A.J. Pierzynski signed with the Texas Rangers. According to sources, the White Sox have their eyes set on Jason Kubel. After the Arizona Diamondbacks signed Cody Ross, Kubel became a trade chip. This would be a great trade target for the White Sox.

Kubel would fit in well with the White Sox. He is left-handed and has power, which the White Sox want with Pierzynski gone. In 2012, Kubel hit .253, drove in 90 runs and hit 30 home runs. He is a career .268 hitter with 134 home runs. Kubel has hit over 30 home runs in three of his eight seasons in the MLB. Those are pretty decent power numbers.

Kubel is familiar to the White Sox, and White Sox fans because of the time that he spent with the Minnesota Twins. Kubel is that annoying hitter the Twins had that always seemed to kill the White Sox. In 81 games against the White Sox, Kubel is a .274 hitter.

Sources have said that the Diamondbacks have asked the White Sox if they would be willing to trade Alexi Ramirez for Kubel.  The White Sox might not want to part ways with Ramirez, and I don’t want them to. Though Ramirez does get me upset at times with his slow starts, he is a good shortstop. He also has good chemistry in the field with Gordon Beckham.

The White Sox have made it known again that Gavin Floyd is available that and they are willing to trade him. If the White Sox are able to package Floyd with another player, the Diamondbacks might bite. The Diamondbacks would get more stability in their rotation and the White Sox would get Kubel.

Like I said, it’s worth seeing what the Diamondbacks want for Kubel. He’s the left-handed bat and hits home runs. I wouldn’t mind seeing him with the White Sox, depending on who the Diamondbacks want in return.

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