Chicago White Sox Fans, No Need To Complain About Payroll Anymore

By Evan Crum
David Banks-US Presswire

Chicago White Sox fans have no reason to complain anymore about their payroll. According to the Associated Press the payroll for the White Sox was $101,763,212 million dollars in 2012. That puts the White Sox 12th out of 30 teams in terms of spending.

For many years, White Sox fans have always complained that team owner Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t want to spend any money. Well, this payroll figure shows that Reinsdorf will spend money. If White Sox fans want to talk about money and spending, they shouldn’t complain about payroll.

They should, however, question some free agent signings that the White Sox have made in the past. Though, for the time being, the free agent signings by the White Sox have been pretty good.  No complaints from me.

White Sox fans should also be happy that they are spending more money than every other team in the American League Central, besides the Detroit Tigers. In 2012, the Tigers had a payroll of $140,701,213 million dollars.

Overall, the American League teams far outspent the National League teams. In total, the American League teams spent $111.7 million dollars per a team compared to $104.7 million in 2011. For the National League, their total spending was $99.1 million per team compared to $95.8 million in 2011. An interesting fact, the New York Yankees, who have had the number one payroll in the MLB for years, will be knocked off that perch in 2013 by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As for the AL Central, the average amount spent per team in 2012 was $96.3 million, compared to $90.5 million in 2011. That is the lowest out of the three divisions in the American League. So, once again, the White Sox are outspending their opponents in the Central.

I understand that money doesn’t always make a team a winner.  Look at the Oakland Athletics. They had the lowest payroll in baseball coming in at $59,493,290 and they won the American League West. On the flip side, the Boston Red Sox had a payroll of $168,614,614 million dollars. The Red Sox finished in last place.

So, White Sox fans, I don’t want to hear complaints about the team not spending money in 2013. I know that the White Sox aren’t going to ever be like the Yankees or Dodgers but $101 million is still a good chunk of change.

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