Should the Toronto Blue Jays Sign Rafael Soriano?

By gilgerard
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Rafael Soriano is the best closer on the market right now, and he’s yet to sign somewhere. I would imagine he’s looking for a huge deal to close for a contender, and hasn’t found that deal yet. That opens the door for the Toronto Blue Jays to jump in there once again and make a huge move to further solidify themselves as a major contender in the American League.

How about a two-year deal for $30 million with a team option for $16 million for a third year? I mean, if the Jays are going to go out and make all these moves, why not get the best closer around too? That would give them a flat out disgusting pitching staff (starters/relievers) and it’s a move that makes a ton of sense to me.

Soriano is coming off a big contract with the New York Yankees and setting up for Mariano Rivera. When Rivera went down, Soriano came on to be one of the games best closers, again, in 2012. There’s no doubt in my mind that this guy could be a top five closer in baseball and if the Jays splurged again, how do you not make them a favorite (if you haven’t already)?

I’m usually against giving closers the kind of money I’m suggesting, but you know what…if you’re the Blue Jays…why not go all the way?

We’ll see what happens but the Toronto Blue Jays should definitely make this move.

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