Would the Texas Rangers Trade For Matt Garza This Spring?

By gilgerard
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers are in the market for another arm. I recently wrote that they could make a run at signing Kyle Lohse, but if they miss on Lohse, they’re still going to want that arm. That could leave them to the trade market to solidify their rotation and Matt Garza Chicago Cubs is quite possibly the best name available.

The problem with Garza is he missed the 2nd half of the season with some elbow issue. Even though he’s been throwing and is reportedly fine, he’s still going to be a riskier option at first. If Garza is throwing the ball well during spring training, should the Rangers pull the trigger then? That’ll be the biggest question of debate, but I would say yes they should.

What would it take to get Garza? That’s going to be the million dollar question because I wouldn’t trade my blue chippers to get him. I view Garza as a middle of the road starter, but a lot of people disagree with that. The Cubs are going to ask for the farm (and rightfully so) and the Rangers are going to laugh at that. The problem the Rangers will run into is the Cubs will try and make the argument James Shields set the market by fetching the best prospect in baseball which likely inflated every pitchers value.

The Cubs and Rangers will eventually settle because there’s no way the Cubs give Garza that 75 million dollar extension, and the Rangers need Garza in their rotation.

How about: Mike Olt and Justin Grimm for Garza OR Martin Perez, Luis Sardinas, Cody Buckell, and Jorge Alfaro for Garza.

The Cubs would benefit from either trade, but I don’t know if the Rangers would actually go through with trading Olt.

We’ll see what happens but Garza to the Texas Rangers could make sense if the Rangers fail on finding that other arm through free agency.

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