It’s a Shame Atlanta Braves Can’t Sign Michael Bourn

By David Miller
Michael Bourn Atlanta Braves
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts Michael Bourn liked his time in center field for the Atlanta Braves. There is no reason to believe that the Braves didn’t enjoy his being in center as well as a catalyst at the top of the batting order. All things considered, both parties should be able to agree on a contract and enjoy each others company for the next few years. Why can’t they do that? Well, it’s the wonderful business of MLB that gets in the way.

Once upon a time if a team came across a player they liked who liked playing there in return, it was the beginning of a nice sized relationship that could last the player’s entire career. Now thanks to business being more important than the game itself, it doesn’t matter where a player wants to play. That has absolutely nothing to do with where he signs to play. Most players that are at the top of their game wind up being farmed around from place to place for the rest of their career. That might lend itself to millions of dollars but it certainly doesn’t do anything for the way they are looked at when they are done.

Conversely the Braves merely give someone like Bourn a glance but nothing more when they know the price will be too high. Thankfully there are other players that are looking for more money that can be signed for a year or two before they look for even more money. Basically, it’s hard to know who will win the money race at the end of every year. At least that can be researched, however. For who will fill out the Braves outfield, it’s something that we fans can only wait and see.

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