The 20 Most Untouchable Players in Major League Baseball

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Can't Touch This

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Baseball is a funny business. It’s the only sport where all-star players are traded for players who have never played a game in the big leagues before. I always thought that aspect of baseball was one of the craziest, but I guess it’s better than NBA, where players get traded for nothing, just as long as the salaries match up. With that being said, there are some players in the game of baseball that we will never, ever get traded.

To paraphrase Dre M.D., these players are untouchables like Eliot Ness. For one reason or another, these twenty studs will remain with their team for a very long time, with the possibility of retirement with said team. Giancarlo Stanton would be an untouchable if he was with any other franchise, but we all know he won’t be with Miami in a couple seasons, so I couldn’t include him on the list.

I based my list on these four things: age, contract, productivity, and team control. Some players might be better than ones I have higher on my list, but it just means those players who are higher have a bigger chunk of my criteria. Also, I avoided bad contracts for bad players, figuring that is way too boring.

Alas, the 20 most untouchable players in Major League Baseball. If your team has one of these players, you might as well buy their jersey, because they aren’t going anywhere.

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Dustin Pedroia

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The Boston Red Sox are in a bit of a transition stage, but Dustin Pedroia is one player that they should keep around for a very long time. Pedroia will always have one of the highest WAR's in baseball because of his fielding prowess, but he has a pretty good stick as well.

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Yadier Molina

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Yadier Molina used to be known as a defensive specialist, seeing as he was hitting in the middle to low .200s. But something suddenly clicked with Molina on the offensive side of things, making him one of the most valuable players in baseball.

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Chris Sale

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When you are getting compared to Randy Johnson, you have to be pretty untouchable, right? Chris Sale went from a dominating reliever to a fantastic starter in 2012, showing just how electric the tall, lanky left-hander can be.

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Matt Cain

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Matt Cain may not put up superstar numbers, but he constantly gives the defending champion Giants 200 very quality innings. There's a reason why San Francisco gave Cain an extension over Tim Lincecum.

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Robinson Cano

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A left-handed power bat that has a great glove is always valuable. But when a second baseman has all of those features, you hold to them like grim death. It's safe to assume that Cano is the best player the Yankees have right now.

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Ryan Braun

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In spite of a faulty urine test, Braun went out and proved why he is one of baseball's most valuable players in 2012. Players who can consistently put up 30/30 seasons don't grow on trees, which makes Braun a very special talent.

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Matt Kemp

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There are two reasons why Matt Kemp is untouchable: a) he's really, really good and b) his contract is really, really insane. But since I avoided bad contracts from this list, I will go with option a) as the reason why he is untouchable. Kemp is an amazing talent.

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Craig Kimbrel

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It's hard to a imagine a closer being untouchable, but Craig Kimbrel is that darn good. In his first two seasons, Kimbrel has proved that he is the most dominating pitcher in baseball, even if it's only for an inning.

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Felix Hernandez

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Even though the Mariners could trade Hernandez and rebuild their squad, they are trying to win with Hernandez anchoring their staff. Outside of one other pitcher we will see on this list, Hernandez is the most durable pitcher there is in baseball.

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Andrew McCutchen

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Andrew McCutchen was one of the main reasons why the Pirates flirted with the playoffs last season. Of all the prospects the Pirates had that flamed out, Cutch is not one of them, seeing that he is one of the best centerfielders in all of baseball.

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Aroldis Chapman

Kelley L. Cox - USA TODAY Sports

The reason why I have Chapman over Kimbrel is because Chapman has the potential to start, which is what he is doing in 2013. Even if he isn't as dominating as a starter, the Reds know they can reinsert him in the bullpen, where he put together one of the best seasons a relief pitcher ever had in 2012.

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Joey Votto

Frank Victores - USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2012 season, I said that Joey Votto was the best first baseman in all of baseball, and a lot of people didn't agree with me. But after the season Votto put up in 2012, it's safe to say my assertion was correct.

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Justin Verlander

Kelley L. Cox - USA TODAY Sports

It's simply not fair that Verlander can throw 230+ innings and be totally fine year in and year out. If I were a pitching coach, I would probably force my pitchers to study Verlander's mechanics, figuring that he's doing something right to never have an injury with that workload. While other rotations have a horse leading the way, Verlander is like Seabiscuit for the Tigers' rotation.

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Miguel Cabrera

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Miguel Cabrera is probably the best hitter in baseball, but he isn't very good at anything else. However, it goes to show how dangerous he is with the bat to make the top ten strictly as an offensive player.

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Evan Longoria

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While Cabrera is clearly a better hitter, Longoria is one of the smoothest defensive third basemen in the game. And when you take their contracts into account, Longo is clearly the better value. Longoria might the only player in Rays' history to play more than seven seasons there, and there's a good reason for that.

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Clayton Kershaw

Gary A. Vasquez - USA TODAY Sports

A young, dominating left-handed ace that has a wicked curveball. I think the Dodgers franchise have heard this story before...

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Bryce Harper

Joy R. Absalon - USA TODAY Sports

I'm willing to bet we will see Harper in the top two in a couple seasons, but I'd like to see how Harper does in his sophomore season before I put him over these next three guys.

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Buster Posey

Mark J. Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports

Buster Posey: the Tom Brady of baseball. He's got two rings, a MVP, and a smoking hot wife. Needless to say, it's good to be Buster Posey.

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Stephen Strasburg

Joy R. Absalon - USA TODAY Sports

Even with a red flag that is Tommy John, Strasburg has the potential to be one of the most dominating, cost-effective pitchers over the next five seasons. Unless the Nationals splurge, they will probably have to say good-bye to Strasburg or Harper in about six seasons. What a headache that will be.

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Mike Trout

Tom Szczerbowski - USA TODAY Sports

I was little hesitant to put Trout as number one, seeing as it was only his rookie season. But when you almost out WAR an entire MLB team by yourself, it's safe to say you are the most untouchable player in the game of baseball. I can only hope Mike Trout becomes everything I think he can be. Baseball really needs their LeBron.