Places to watch the Kansas City Royals play: Busch Stadium

By Bandon Decker
Jeff Curry – US Presswire

Regardless of team affiliation or even of sport, almost all fans enjoy following their team on the road. One of the nice things to do in the close season is to plan road trips for the upcoming year. The major league baseball schedule has actually been released since the end of last year and although there will occasionally be some minor revisions for matters such as rain outs, there is no reason not to spend the period following the start of the New Year looking at possible road trips and trying/hoping to find a way to budget for them.

Even above the previously mentioned Target Field, there is one destination for Kansas City Royals fans as very obvious: Busch Stadium, home of the cross-state rival St Louis Cardinals. There is nothing inherent in Busch Stadium itself that makes it an attractive destination for Royals fans, though it does look like a very nice venue on the telly. The draw is almost entirely in the rivalry. For those who live, or have lived, in a part of the state of Missouri heavily populated by Cardinals fans there is almost no series bigger. (Though I, personally, prefer to beat the New York Yankees.) Not only is it a big series, it is handily quite close as well; a four hour drive along eastbound I-70 will take one from Kansas City to St Louis and if one can get tickets it is well worth a visit. Plenty of Cardinal fans come the other way too, so evening the numbers out a bit can only be a good thing.

Unfortunately this year it will be much more difficult to do so and for no readily apparent reason. For years the schedule setters have given the Royals and Cardinals each a three game weekend series at home against the other. With the relatively short drive one only had to bung off work early on the Friday to watch all three games. But this year there are back-to-back two game series during the week. This is unbelievably stupid, but the upshot is that for a Royals fan to go to St Louis they will have to get one or both of a Wednesday or Thursday off in the last week of May. Though it will probably be worth it, especially if the games are anything like as good as they were in 2012!

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