MLB Rumors: Should The Chicago White Sox Trade For Justin Upton Or Jason Kubel?

By Evan Crum
Matt Kartozian-US Presswire

The Arizona Diamondbacks have some serious interest in making a trade with the Chicago White Sox for either Jason Kubel or Justin Upton. I wrote an article earlier about how the White Sox might be interested in trading for Kubel which you can find here. So, let’s take a look at what Upton could offer the White Sox and who I would rather have on the roster.

Upton had a pretty good season in 2012. He hit .280, had an on base percentage of .355, drove in 67 runs and hit 17 home runs. More importantly he also stole 18 bases. In six years Upton has 80 stolen bases and that could fit into how Robin Ventura wants to shape the White Sox. One of the reasons the White Sox couldn’t hold their lead in the AL Central was because they relied on speed and not on timely hitting or getting men on base. Upton’s speed would help with those problems.

So, who should the White Sox trade for?  I would rather have Kubel on my roster than Upton. One of the big reasons I would rather have Kubel is because he is a lefty. The White Sox didn’t resign A.J. Pierzynski who brought good left-handed power for the White Sox.  Kubel would instantly fix that problem. Kubel has 134 home runs in his career and has hit 30 home runs in three of his last eight seasons in the MLB.

Upton does bring some power. He has hit 108 home runs in his six-year career. Those are good numbers as well but Upton is another right-handed bat. The White Sox already have plenty of right-handed batters. While Upton would be a nice addition, they don’t need to add another right-handed batter with power.

I also think that the Diamondbacks won’t ask for as much if the White Sox want Kubel. I don’t think that the Diamondbacks are going to actually trade Upton unless there is an offer that blows them away. I think that the Diamondbacks are just testing the waters with Upton to see what they could potentially get.

Let’s see what Rick Hahn is willing to do and who he would be willing to trade for Kubel or Upton.

Who would you rather have Justin Upton or Jason Kubel? Let me know and follow me on Twitter @EvanCrum1319


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