MLB Rumors: Could the Atlanta Braves Still Be Interested in Justin Upton?

By David Miller
justin upton atlanta Braves
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After things fell silent at the MLB Winter Meetings and they began praising their inner-organizational options for filling the voids that remain, many assumed that the Atlanta Braves were out of the market for any free agent or trade option. But is that true? It might not be so final after all. A few little whisperings here and there, along with some common sense, alludes to a remaining possibility for a trade that could still give the Braves brotherly love in the outfield.

Initial reports were that the Arizona Diamondbacks wanted too large of a price for Justin Upton in the trade market. As the season nears, trade value can change however. There were rumors that the Texas Rangers were interested in Upton but didn’t really seem to have the right fit for him. Who does seem to have the fit? You guessed it, the Atlanta Braves. Why? Well because they have a lot to offer in return trade value.

Wait a minute you say, haven’t we already covered that the Braves think Upton will cost too much? We have covered that the Braves thought he would cost too much back during the winter meetings. What could the Braves have to offer now that might change the minds of both GMs to think of making a deal? Easy, the Braves have pitching and loads of it.

The Braves already will have to choose between Randall Delgado and Julio Teheran for the fifth spot in the rotation. Not to mention that this is before Brandon Beachy returns from his elbow injury, which is looking like early in the summer. That means that by sometime around June the team will have seven quality starters. Add to that the fact that a reporter recently talked about the Delgado vs. Teheran fifth starter battle with an added comment that suggests one of the two might not make it to opening day in a Braves uniform.

All that together could mean that the Braves are still in the market for Justin Upton. The Diamondbacks could certainly use a little more pitching and the Braves have more than they need. That spells trade to me. It doesn’t make it a certainty, but don’t be surprised if the Upton brothers still wind up wearing similar uniforms in 2013.

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