MLB Rumors: Seattle Mariners Looking To Add Shaun Marcum?

By gilgerard
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Shaun Marcum is one of the best remaining free agent starters on the market and it appears the Seattle Mariners are interested in adding him to their rotation. The Mariners would be a strong fit for a guy like Marcum due to their monster field and already deep young rotation. Yes, I did use the word deep. Felix Hernandez is obviously the number one guy there, but they have a slew of young arms ready to break into the rotation, which is exactly why a veteran who has been through the ups and downs like Marcum would fit perfectly for Seattle.

I suspect Marcum is looking for a four-year deal, but with his injury history and declining velocity, he isn’t going to get it. I suspect the Mariners could get away with two years at $20 million and be okay.

Would this get the deal done? I suspect it would because I don’t anticipate teams getting into a bidding war for him.

If Marcum does sign with the Mariners, where does this put the M’s in the west? Well, I still believe they’re the fourth best team in the division on paper, but that’s why you play the game. Marcum certainly wouldn’t make this a worse team and I believe there’s enough low risk high reward in a two-year deal to make sense for the Mariners to pull the trigger.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think Marcum will last much longer on the open market.

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