10 Teams That Will Benefit Most From 2013 MLB Draft

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10 Teams That Will Benefit Most From 2013 MLB Draft

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With the 2012 Major League Baseball regular season well over and the winter meetings come and gone, it is now time to start looking ahead at the 2013 MLB Draft. There are several organizations that need a solid draft to get back on top, but which ten teams could benefit the most from a good crop of players?

Baseball’s draft is different from other sports as it is rare for a player to have an immediate impact on the team. It typically takes several years for that particular player to be good enough to play at the professional level. Not to mention, most of the time the players drafted never get the chance to have an impact and stay in the minors their entire career.

Some teams, such as the New York Yankees, use the draft with the hopes of hitting it big with one great player. The Yankees do not utilize the draft to its full potential, although they probably would like to, because they typically acquire players through free agency. On the other hand, teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers have built a good majority of their roster through the draft. Milwaukee’s great success over the past few years is due to drafting talented players such as Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks and Yovani Gallardo.

Small market teams must have a good draft to compete which means their scouts must work extra hard to find the right players that suit them. Without a good draft, many of these teams will never see an above .500 record, let alone the postseason.

The following slides are ten teams that could benefit the most from a good draft his June.

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Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros had another 100-loss season, which means they will get the first pick in the 2013 draft. The Astros are attempting to do the exact same thing the Brewers have done over the past decade and that is build a winner without spending money in free agency. Houston needs to get back their fan base and the only way to do that is to put together a young, talented team filled with potential.

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Chicago Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs posted their first 100-loss season since 1966 and need all the help they can get. Of course, fans were not completely disappointed as it was a well-known fact Chicago was going to sink the 2012 season in hopes of rebuilding for the future. The team will have a great shot at doing just that this June when they will get to select second overall in the draft.

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Colorado Rockies

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The Colorado Rockies posted the worst record (64-98) of their 20-year existence in 2012 and have been in a downward spiral the past three years. The organization needs to give their limited stars help and the only way the team will accomplish that is through the draft. The Rockies may not be good for another couple of seasons but at least a solid selection of players can get them back on top in the near future.

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Minnesota Twins

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The Minnesota Twins have followed up several great seasons in the 2000s with two dismal years. The Twins have a combined 129 wins in the last two seasons, and could use some help from the farm system to try and straighten things out. Minnesota has decent players but bad contracts that are weighing the team down. A solid draft in 2013 could help right the ship, especially since the Twins have the No. 4 overall pick.

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Kansas City Royals

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The Kansas City Royals are one of the smallest markets in all of baseball. They rarely get star players and when they do, they have to trade them (Zack Greinke). The only way for the Royals to survive is through the draft, something they have done fairly well over the past few years. The team is slowly improving but the only way they will get above .500 for the first time since 1993 is by continuing to have success in the draft. One or two more solid crops of players and this team could finally begin to hold their head up high.

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Cleveland Indians

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The Cleveland Indians have gone downhill quickly since their incredible run during the 2007 season in which they were one game away from the World Series. The team took a huge step backwards from 2011 to 2012, as there was a 12-game difference in the win column. Cleveland’s payroll keeps getting smaller, which means they must turn to the draft in order to get back on top.

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Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are another small market team that feeds off of the draft. The team has not had a winning record since 1992 and any time they acquired a player of any significance, they were forced to trade him. Of course, the present day Pittsburgh squad has shown great potential with several talented players ready to make the Pirates name shine bright once again. Unfortunately, the only way the team will get over the hump is by continuing to draft good players that can be Major League-ready in a couple of years.

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San Diego Padres

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The San Diego Padres had the lowest payroll in all of baseball last season ($55.24 million), which is why it was not a surprise that they finished 10 games under .500. San Diego has not made the playoffs since 2006, although they did win 90 games in 2010, and just missed out on the big dance. The Padres have no money to acquire big-name players, which means their only option is to scout well and draft better. A good start would be to select a winner with the 13th overall pick in this year’s draft.

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Milwaukee Brewers

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I have already discussed how the Brewers rise to success over the past six years was built mostly through the draft. Of course, the team was also able to acquire a few talented players in trades and through free agency thanks to their loyal fan base. However, Milwaukee’s farm system has been depleted over the years as they were forced to give up their top prospects in order to go for it all. It was technically considered a bust considering the Brewers did not make it to the World Series. With Milwaukee’s payroll dropping $20 million this season, the organization has no choice but to start building through the draft once again.

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Los Angeles Angels

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The Los Angeles Angels are heavy favorites to be the team to represent the American League in the 2013 World Series. They have done this by acquiring several great players through free agency as well as drafting very well. However, the team has depleted their farm system this past season to acquire Greinke. The Angels need another good draft to restock their players, as their window of success will close quickly as their stars age out.

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