Predicting Ten Worst MLB Teams in 2013

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Predicting Ten Worst MLB Teams in 2013

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How many ways are there to make a winner in MLB? Who knows? Some say pitching is the way to win while others swear by power of the bat. Honestly there are several ways to win. Unfortunately this top ten is really a bottom ten. Whoever figures out a way to win, these teams need help figuring out how to do that. Winning for more than one year in a row is very difficult with the level of competition that exists currently.

The thing is that some teams seem to be really good at not being very good. There always are a few that are optimistic about next year or the year after that. But so many times that next year never comes. Whether the secret to winning is ever fully discovered, some teams already have figured out the art of losing. That doesn’t make up all of the teams on this bottom ten though.

It is possible to have a losing team that the fans feel good about. There are good signs to point to here and there. The fans sense that the front office can smell success and they crave it as bad as the fans do. For those select few teams, losing years are just something to stand on top of to win more games the next year. Ultimately most franchises as well as young players need to lose for a while to figure out not only how to win but how much they want to win.

Those two categories make up the losing teams in MLB each year. The teams that crave winning but just aren’t there yet. They need a few more pieces to the puzzle and they’ll compete, just not yet. Then of course the teams that seem to almost have management that must enjoy losing as long as they don’t have to put too much on the payroll at the end of the year. There are some of both on this list.

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10 - Tampa Bay Rays

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This team is really on a pretty large bubble. The Tampa Bay Rays could shock the world and compete for a wildcard birth or even the division. That would be an unbelievable story but it’s not very likely. There have been significant changes with the loss of James Shields and B.J. Upton. They have some good young talent but it’s going to be very difficult for the Rays to stay above the .500 mark all season long. It shouldn’t be a long string of sub-par seasons. They just aren’t going to have all of the pieces in place for a good 2013.

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9 - Miami Marlins

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The Miami Marlins didn’t have a great 2012 season. After the season they traded away Emilio Bonifacio who was one of the more promising players. They didn’t give him away for free but it’s a good sign of the team not going for the ring this year. The strides they are making in the right direction will be noticed for sure. It will probably keep them out of last place, but still won’t get them in the middle class of wins this year. If things keep progressing the team could go either way in the next few years. I can’t see them getting above the bottom ten teams for 2013.

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8 - New York Mets

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The fact that the New York Mets signed David Wright to a long term deal is great news for Mets fans. It means when the team finally has another few great years, Wright can still be a part of it. If I’m being honest, the Mets just don’t seem to have the flare that they had just a handful of years ago. Whether it’s something they are missing in the clubhouse or the front office is not for me to say. Either way I’d look for another year where David Wright is great and the Mets are mediocre. Maybe a change here or there and they’ll gain momentum for 2014.

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7 - Seattle Mariners

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Felix Hernandez is a huge bright spot for the Seattle Mariners. Along with him are Kyle Seager and Michael Saunders with big up sides in the coming years. The fans in Seattle have been patient and are waiting for the winning to begin for their team being built from the inside out. They will probably get their winner, just not for a few more years. They are averaging six to ten more wins a year each year. With that pace they should be able to lock down a hundred win season around 2017 or so. Honestly it might not be that long but it absolutely will not be this year.

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6 - Cleveland Indians

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There was a lot of buzz about the loss of Shin-Soo Choo during the MLB Winter Meetings. The Cleveland Indians are not going to miss Shin-soo Choo. What’s more, the addition of Terry Francona in the skipper position is a big plus for years to come. Unfortunately they just won’t have all of the tools in the right place this year to make them a contender. If they keep going after winning blocks to build upon, it won’t be too terribly long. No matter what upsides and winning seasons await, 2013 is not going to be the year for Indians fans.

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5 - Colorado Rockies

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The Colorado Rockies appear to have slipped into yet another rebuilding year. I’m not sure where they need to look but the powers that be here should try and get as many sluggers as they can on this team. Trying to build around pitching in the mile-high air just isn’t going to work. The success they had so many years ago was because they had sluggers that could take advantage of that thinner air. I don’t know how many steps they have between where they are and a winner. I just know they don’t have one this year.

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4 - Minnesota Twins

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There are positive things going on for the Minnesota Twins fans. Justin Morneau looks to be ready to put his concussion issues behind him and have a big year in the final year of his contract. There is excitement if uncertainty in the middle infield position questions. Future pitching prospects and current trade acquisitions are good pieces to build on for future runs. If the coaching staff changes make a positive impact and everyone stays healthy, the Twins fans might want to clear out the fall months in 2015 and beyond. There are just too many questions and too many variables to work out for them to compete strongly this year.

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3 - Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a little work to do to make themselves an above five-hundred team. The addition of Russell Martin will compliment Michael McKenry behind the plate for a nice offensive punch from the catcher position. Andrew McCutchen is still exciting to watch and has several good years ahead of him. All they have been able to do is hover around the five hundred mark and finish below it. As a way of making a goal, they should try to make a few changes where they need to in order to get this team above that five-hundred mark for the season. If that happens they might not be on this list before the 2014 season.

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2 - Chicago Cubs

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Anytime a team loses over one hundred games in a season, the next season usually doesn’t look too promising unless some significant changes are made. The Chicago Cubs have made a few changes here and there but for the most part they are still waiting for a little more mileage to be put on their younger guys before success is a real possibility. You know that young team that everyone loves to cheer for as they threaten the veterans around October? The Cubs, if they keep the wheels on and adjust in the correct places, could be that team in two or three years.

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1 - Houston Astros

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If I were trying to be funny I could say that the Houston Astros have been so bad that MLB is making them change leagues. That’s bad! In all honesty the flip to the AL might be the most exciting thing going for the Astros in the 2013 season. They have lost over a hundred games three years in a row and with a move to what is probably a tougher division, they could be expected to fair in much the same way this year. It’s not going to be fun every day for the Astros fans. Hopefully the younger pitchers will be able to spark some excitement along with the new rivalries and new teams they will see throughout the year.

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