The New York Yankees will rise from the ashes and surprise all of baseball

By Nik Swartz
Derek Jeter Robinson Cano New York Yankees
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 New York Yankees must rise up and pull together as a team to be able to compete in the AL East. The Yankees, for the first time in over a decade, will not be the favorite to win anything and need to use that as an incentive to overcome adversity.

There is no denying that it would be nearly impossible for the Toronto Blue Jays to screw up all they have done this offseason and not be the front-runner to win the division. But as in the past, just putting together a team full of big names does not promise anything.

Rarely does the team that makes the biggest splash in free-agency, or the team with the highest payroll, win the World Series. So, O’ Canada hold up on the parade, because until the Jays actually win something, the AL East title still goes through the Bronx.

There is no doubt the Yankees have an enormous amount of questions going into the season: old stars with big injuries, holes in their lineup and an unpredictable pitching rotation, but champions find ways to overcome.

The Yankees do have positives – they know how to win, they have a manger that knows how to get the most out of players, and Yankee GM Brian Cashman has a gift for being able to turn another team’s trash into a Yankee treasure; remember Raul Ibanez?

Facts are facts, love or hate the Yankees, the reason MLB fans feel so passionate about this team is because they have won for so many years. Another fact is that the 2013 season is the end of the road for this Yankees dynasty. The fat lady is warming up, and this will be the last chance for a while that the Yankees will have any shot – it is no secret in 2014 the team will be going into full rebuild mode.

When a team’s Captain is Derek Jeter, you know they have heart; when a team has one of the best managers in baseball Joe Girardi, you know they have a chance. It helps that no one is giving the Yankees any chance. So if ever a team on their last leg needed a battle cry, this team has one and should come up from Florida to start the season on a mission.

It is ridiculous to ever count the Yankees out, and to do so will only benefit them; they know what is at stake – not being on anyone’s radar, no pressure or expectations to win will help this team and they will come out swinging.

The Yankees do have questions at the catcher’s spot: they lost Russell Martin, but he won’t be hard to replace. If the three-headed catcher the Yankees plan to use puts up at least a .225 BA and throws a runner out every once in a while, he is officially better than the 2012 Russell Martin. The Yankees already proved they can win with little production from the catching spot, so to say they can’t get to the playoffs with inexperienced catchers is foolish.

Right now the Yankees’ top priority is getting a veteran right handed bat. Rest assured Yankee fans, Cashman will find one – it will not be a big name, but he will do the job. As for the three-headed backup catcher issue; maybe it won’t be an issue.

Every time it looks like the Yankees have no chance, the Evil Empire strikes back. Fans from other AL East teams take a deep breath and count back how many rings your favorite team has: the Yankees have 27, and they didn’t come by accident.

Back to the point at hand – the Yankees have weakness. They have holes, they have many doubters, and for the first time in many years, they are not expected to be a playoff team. So, should Yankee fans have hope this season? Absolutely they should. The New York Yankees will make the playoffs, maybe not as the AL East champions, maybe not even as the first Wild Card team, but they will get in.

As another team in New York proved a few times in the last few years, all a team has to do is get in the dance to have a chance to win. The Yankees are good enough to get in; the Yankees will get a right handed bat and unfortunately for the fans that despise the Yankees, there will be October baseball again in the Bronx in 2013.

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