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Three Predictions For New York Yankees Before Season Starts

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Three Predictions For The New York Yankees

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With the regular season just a few months away, many people think that the New York Yankees are finished making moves. However even with the less aggressive stance that the Yankees have taken over this offseason, it is still more than likely that they do something here and there. Even during Spring Training, the possibility of the Yankees making announcements, and trading or signing players can and will happen.

The Yankees are looking to make the most competitive team that they can while on a budget. Every Yankees fan should know at this point that Hal Steinbrenner is serious about getting the payroll under $189 million dollars by 2014. This would allow him to avoid the Luxury tax in which he is forced to pay money that gets spread among every team in the MLB.

Even though General Manager, Brian Cashman, is working with very little wiggle room, he has an odd way of making some stellar moves. Yankees fans have seen it with the signings of older players such as Raul Ibanez, and even trades for players like Ichiro Suzuki have worked out tremendously in the Yankees' favor. Can Brian Cashman still replicate his success if he chooses to make some more moves? Only time will tell.

However, moves are not the only thing that the Yankees must deal with. They are also going to need to figure out some things on their current roster – such as who the fifth pitcher will be in the starting rotation.

All of this will be settled before the regular season starts, so without further ado – I give you my predictions for the Yankees before they begin their season.

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Curtis Granderson Will Be Traded

curtis granderson
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It is no secret that I am not Curtis Granderson's biggest fan. In fact, I do not like what he brings to the table at all. If last season were any indication, the only thing that Granderson is good for is hitting homeruns, and that is something that the Yankees need to stop relying on.

People worry that if the Yankees get rid of Granderson, their power numbers will go down dramatically - which they will. However, the San Fransisco Giants were among the teams with the fewest homeruns in all of baseball last year, and they ended up winning the World Series. Losing power is a moot point.

One name that I am constantly seeing thrown around is the Philadelphia Phillies' Darin Ruf. While it would obviously take more than just Granderson to complete a deal, it would give the Yankees a young outfielder who seems to be very promising.

While Ruf is great, I think that a trade to the Chicago Cubs for Alfonso Soriano would make some sense too. The Cubs are willing to eat a large part of Soriano's contract, and if the Yankees threw in a prospect or two to go along with Granderson - I think a deal could be reached.

However no matter what team he goes to, or what the return package is - I am hesitant to believe that Curtis Granderson will be in pinstripes come opening day.

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The Yankees Will Sign Brian Wilson

brian wilson
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Earlier in the offseason, there was a big hooplah that the Yankees were the favorites to sign Joakim Soria. However they ended up missing out on him as he wound up signing elsewhere. Since the bullpen seems a bit empty with the subtraction of Rafael Soriano, signing Brian Wilson could prove to be very effective.

When you consider the fact that Wilson is coming off a season in which he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, it is safe to assume that he would not be expensive by any means - and would fit into the Yankees payroll. The Yankees could sign him for one year and an option - that way if Wilson has a nice comeback year, the Yankees can keep him around for 2014.

The only thing that could possibly stop the Yankees and Brian Wilson from reaching an agreement is whether or not Wilson will become clean shaven once again.

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David Phelps Will Be Named The Fifth Starter

david phelps
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As I alluded to earlier, the Yankees need to figure out who their fifth starter will be in 2013. They have the first four members of their rotation figured out already, so they must choose between David Phelps and Ivan Nova for the fifth spot.

David Phelps pitched beautifully for the Yankees last year, posting a 4-4 record with a 3.34 ERA as both a starter and a reliever. Ivan Nova on the other hand struggled mightily, although one may attribute this to the proverbial "sophomore slump."

Ultimately, while I think both pitchers will give very good performances in Spring Training, it is David Phelps who I see coming out on top. I think the Yankees will be a little bit hesitant to go back to Ivan Nova after last season, and will relegate him to the bullpen. Injuries do always occur, so it is a good thing that the Yankees will have Ivan Nova waiting in the wings, ready to make a spot start here and there.

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