Miami Marlins Have Not Talked Giancarlo Stanton To Anyone, Including Themselves

By Ryan Gaydos
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the Miami Marlins dumping its entire team to Canada and sprinkling the rest around the majors, there was immediate speculation that the next big piece to fall would be the face of the franchise, Giancarlo Stanton. However, whoever speculated those things, including myself, were entirely wrong. The Marlins have not had any kind of talks with any team about Stanton, even within the organization.

How could that be? A few weeks ago there were reports that the Marlins were willing to listen to teams give them offers for the young slugger. The Marlins were even reported as to having preliminary talks with the San Diego Padres about Stanton with Jedd Gyorko being the center piece for the trade because Miami was high on him in the winter.

There have been some sources coming out of Miami that say Stanton will definitely not be moved while others say that Stanton will be starting in the clean up spot this season.

The Marlins have said that they want to win and with the team they had last season, it could have won in time. Ozzie Guillen was not the right man to handle the team but Jeffrey Loria and the other brains of the operation in Miami did not have to blow this team up. This team is a laughing stock again and it will take some time to become a playoff contender with all the prospects this team has.

If Miami were to trade Stanton, you can bet that there wouldn’t be a single fan supporting the team at the Marlins ballpark.

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