Barry Bonds Hated Hall of Fame Vote Purely A Matter of Opinion

By Sean O'Brien
Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants
Jason O. Watson-US Presswire

Barry Bonds deserves to be voted into the Hall of Fame. Whether that should happen on the first ballot in which his name appears is purely a matter of considered opinion. I remain open to arguments on various sides of this prickly issue, but adamantly disagree with anyone who thinks that one of the great players of all-time should never be enshrined.

One man’s take on this subject won’t alter the emotional logic that has been employed by those who have planted their feet in cement and will stand their ground until they die. Those individuals believe that Bonds should be infinitely punished for his diamond crimes.

There are other people who also don’t like Bonds personally. He never played for ‘their team”, or handed them a ball at the end of an inning. But, these people still recognize that without the “juice”, Bonds still would have generated incredible career numbers.

Major League Baseball, team owners, front office personnel, managers, coaches and everyone else who was connected to the game during the height of the “Steroid Era” had to know that players were using performance enhancing drugs. It’s logical to conclude that the Players’ union (led by Donald Fehr) blocked attempts to expand testing measures for as long as legally possible and for reasons that had nothing to do with the “good of the game”.

The obnoxious amount of grammatically highlighted words and phrases in this feature were necessary because of the topic. Digital expressions will persist in this regard until, or if, Bonds is elected to the Hall of Fame.

Keeping him out during the first vote, or the first few votes, is reasonable. Eternally denying him access won’t be, but still might happen because of enduring split opinion.

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