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15 Players From The Chicago White Sox That I Miss

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15 Chicago White Sox Players That I Miss

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Sports can be funny. There are times where players make a mark on you. You remember them in all their glory and pine for them to come back. This was going through my mind when one of my followers on Twitter started tweeting about Chicago White Sox players that she missed. This got me thinking, what past White Sox players do I miss?

There are lots of players that have been on the White Sox in my lifetime. Some of those players were good baseball players; they just weren’t “great”. I wanted to add these players here but not on my official list. Let’s call these the honorable mentions on my list.

The first honorable mention is Tony Graffanino. Remember Graffanino? I do and he used to be one of my favorite players. I loved the way he played and I also loved the way he interacted with fans. During his four seasons with the White Sox, Graffanino hit .271, drove in 85 runs, had eight triples, and had an on base percentage of .344.

The second player that almost made my official list is Ross Gload. Gload was underrated when he was on the White Sox. In his three seasons with the White Sox, he hit .308, drove 67 runs, and had an on base percentage of .351. Gload was never an everyday player with the White Sox but he was still valuable to the White Sox coming off the bench.

I also left off Robin Ventura. The reason being, Ventura is still on the White Sox even though he is managing. Yes, I miss Ventura at third base but it would just seem weird, for me at least, to put him on a list when he is still with the White Sox. Finally, I left off Carlton Fisk because I don’t really remember him playing. I was only nine years old when Fisk left the White Sox and my first memories of baseball start when I was 10-11.

With that, let’s get to my list.

Who is on your list? Let me know with leave a comment, and follow me on Twitter @EvanCrum1319

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Ray Durham


I remember Durham for his smart play at second base. In his eight years with the White Sox, Durham hit .278. He drove in 484 runs, hit 106 home runs, hit 249 doubles and 53 triples. Durham had an on base percentage of .352. I was quite upset when the White Sox traded Durham for Jon Adkins. Durham kept having successful years on other teams, while Adkins was only with the White Sox from 2003-05.

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Lance Johnson


Young fans only know of Johnson because of what Hawk Harrelson says when someone gets a huge jump in trying to steal a base. Harrelson says “that was a Lance Johnson type jump.” In his eight seasons with the White Sox, Johnson hit .286, drove in 327 runs, and hit 77 triples. More impressive were his steals. He stole 226 bases and was only caught 71 times. Those are amazing numbers. He also led the league in hitting in 1995, his final year with the White sox.

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Jack McDowell


McDowell was really the first ace pitcher that I can remember on the White Sox. It also helped that he had a cool nickname that a kid can remember, like “blackjack”. In his seven years with the White Sox, he was 91-58. McDowell posted a 3.50 ERA, struck out 918 batters and pitched in 1343.2 innings. He was runner up for the Cy Young award in 1992 and won the award in 1993 when he went 22-10.

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Tim Raines

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Raines didn’t spend a lot of time with the White Sox. However, the time he did spend with the White Sox was memorable. In his five years with the White Sox he hit .283, drove in 277 runs and had an on base percentage of .375. He also stole 143 bases and was only caught 30 times.

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Scott Podsednik

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I remember when the White Sox traded Carlos Lee for Podsednik. Initially, I was not very happy. Now, I’m glad that the White Sox made the trade. Podsednik was one of the keys to the White Sox winning the World Series in 2005. White Sox fans will always remember his walk off home run in Game 2 of the World Series. During Podsednik’s entire tenure with the White Sox he hit .280 and drove in 129 runs. He also stole 149 bases.

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Jon Garland

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This is a trade that White Sox fans still tease Chicago Cub fans about, since the Cubs originally had Garland on their roster before trading him to the White Sox. Garland was a fine pitcher when he was with the White Sox. In his eight years with the White Sox, Garland went 92-81 and posted a 4.41 ERA. He pitched 1482.1 innings. He was also part of that magical pitching staff in 2005.

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Jose Contreras

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The White Sox traded their ace at the time, Esteban Loaiza, for Contreras. It seemed like a dumb trade since at first, Contreras was inconsistent. Then something seemed to click and Contreras became a great pitcher. In his six seasons with the White Sox Contreras went 55-56 and posted a 4.66 ERA. Still, he will always be remembered for what he did in 2005 and 2006. Watching Contreras pitch was time consuming. He always took a long time to actually pitch the ball. But, when he had that fork ball working he was unstoppable.

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Tadahito Iguchi


Iguchi was fun to watch. He was another key to the World Series victory in 2005. Even though Iguchi only spent three seasons with the White Sox, fans won’t forget him. Iguchi hit .273 for the White Sox and drove in 169 runs.

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Freddy Garcia

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Garcia was the big game pitcher for the White Sox. When the White Sox needed a pitcher to win a game, it was Garcia. He was the pitcher in Game 4 of the 2005 World Series and notched the win. Garcia, just like Contreras, was a slow worker and his pitching could put you to sleep. Still, he was a valuable player for the White Sox. In his five year tenure with the White Sox, Garcia went 55-31 and posted a 4.33 ERA. He also struck out 509 batters.

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Joe Crede

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Crede was one of the best third baseman that I ever saw. In his nine seasons with the White Sox he hit .257, drove in 422 runs and hit 125 home runs. I’m sure most of those runs that he drove in were in clutch situations. That is where Crede seemed to thrive. When the White Sox needed a walk off home run, or someone to drive a run in to tie a game, Crede was the man. If it weren’t for Crede’s bad back, he might still be playing. Let’s say this; Crede was so important to the White Sox that they are still searching for a third baseman to replace him.

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Aaron Rowand

Jason O. Watson

Rowand was the heart and soul in the outfield for the White Sox when he played. He seemed to catch everything that was headed his way and he had no problems running into the wall at U.S. Cellular Field. The way he would run into the wall to make a catch made him an instant fan favorite. During his five years with the White Sox, Rowand hit .283. He drove in 211 runs, and had on base percentage of .337. When Rowand was traded, the entire fan base was distraught. How could the White Sox trade a fan favorite? Little did most White Sox fans know that the player they traded for would become a fan favorite as well.

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Jim Thome

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When Thome arrived to the White Sox, it was a bit weird seeing him in a White Sox uniform. Plus a lot of White Sox fans were still hurt over the Rowand trade that brought him to Chicago. Those feelings left pretty fast with what he did with the White Sox. Thome set the team record for home runs in the month of April. Thome also hit his 500th home run with the White Sox which was a walk off home run. During his four seasons with the White Sox, Thome hit .265. He drove in 369 runs, had an on base percentage of .391 and hit 134 home runs. White Sox fans loved Thome for what he did for the team and what he did for the city with his charity. When he made his first appearance back in Chicago, while playing for the visiting team, White Sox fans gave him a standing ovation. He is a true class act and I am very happy that he wore a White Sox uniform during his career.

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Jermaine Dye

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Dye was another great player for the White Sox. He was a key piece to the White Sox winning the World Series in 2005. He was named MVP of the World Series as well. In his five seasons with the White Sox, Dye hit .278 and drove in 461 runs. He had an on base percentage of .344 and hit 164 home runs. It is still weird not seeing Dye patrolling right field.

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Mark Buehrle

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When I first saw Buehrle pitch in 2000, I thought that he looked like a decent lefty, nothing special. Boy, was I wrong. Buehrle became a player that White Sox fans will never forget. In his 12 years with the White Sox, Buehrle went 161-119 and posted an ERA of 3.83. He struck out 1396 batters. Buehrle pitched 2476.2 innings with the White Sox. He also has a no hitter, a Perfect Game, and a World Series save under his belt as a member of the White Sox. In White Sox history, Buehrle ranks fifth all time in strikeouts, sixth in games started, and eight in wins and innings pitched. Like I said, he was a very special pitcher. When the White Sox didn’t resign Buehrle it was painful to see. I would like to go on record and say that as soon as Buehrle retires, the White Sox will retire his number, #56.

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Frank Thomas

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Thomas pretty much for me goes coincides with every baseball memory I have since I started following the White Sox. Let me just get to the numbers before I talk more about Thomas. In his 16 years with the White Sox, Thomas hit .307, drove in 1465 runs. Thomas had an on base percentage of .427 and drew 1466 walks. Thomas owns the White Sox home run record at 448. With the White Sox, Thomas was a two time MVP winner in 1993 and 94. He was the first player in MLB history to win the Silver Slugger award at two different positions. He won it when he played first base in 1993-94 and won the award as a designated hitter in 1991 and 2000. Thomas had opportunities to leave the White Sox, but he stayed and was finally rewarded when the White Sox won the World Series in 2005. The separation from the White Sox after 2005 was ugly, but he is back with the White Sox family now. He has a statue and his number is retired. As a special player, I’m glad I was able to see him play.

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