Atlanta Braves Prospect Juan Francisco Still Tearing Up Winter League

By David Miller
Juan Francisco Atlanta Braves
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I am always the first to be skeptical of Winter League numbers and how they transfer to numbers in the bigs during the summer. So many times the pitchers are working on problems as well and it just doesn’t necessarily mean much towards potential in the MLB season that follows. Sometimes however the big winter season turns into a dynamic jump start. That could be the case with Atlanta Braves prospect Juan Francisco.

Francisco is absolutely tearing the cover off of the ball this winter. He started great and created a little buzz but he has not let up one bit. His average of .307 ranks sixth in the Caribbean League and that’s the almost the lowest stat ranking he has. His OPS of .944, slugging percentage of .575 as well as his 9 homeruns all rank first. It’s hard to ignore what he is doing down there. As a matter of fact he has done so well that he might step himself directly into the starting third base job in Atlanta.

There are no guarantees when looking at winter league stats. That much is obvious. Still, a showing like Francisco has had says something for his hard work and dedication to reach the next level. That, coupled with the numbers speaks loudly for his potential impact this year. If he can keep this momentum going through the winter and into the spring, there is no reason to believe he couldn’t do the same this summer for the Braves. If he could, what a great story it would make.

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