The Chicago Cubs Would Be Wise To Strike Now With Michael Bourn

By gilgerard
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are in an extremely unique position right now. They have the ability to land Michael Bourn and they should do just that. The years? That’s going to be the trick. Frankly, I’d offer him a cool $16-17 million over a year with obvious plans to flip him at the deadline for prospects. With Bourn not signed, it’s clear that teams are running away from his five to seven-year asking price.

Bourn is a speed guy and a legitimate lead off hitter. That’s great for a few years, but when his legs start going, he’s nothing but Juan Pierre. I’m not trying to bash the guy’s future and pigeon hole him as a player, but that’s gotta be the fear of every team in baseball right now.

The Cubs clearly have the ability to do some things this year with the payroll. Signing Edwin Jackson to $52 million after missing on Anibal Sanchez for $75 million proves to me the Cubs can be aggressive here if they want to.

Bourn would certainly make the Cubs a better club this year, but he won’t be the “missing piece” by any means. This team still will have holes, but at the same time, Bourn will be a hot commodity at the deadline and that’s the point here.

Cubs management is all about building the system from within, and that’s fine. Signing Bourn will help them do that in July.

This would be a wise move for the Cubs and I hope their strongly considering “over paying” Bourn for the 2013 season. It makes too much sense not to.

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