Baseball Hall of Fame: BBWAA Are the Most Ignorant, Archaic Group of Curmudgeons in the World

By Bryan Lutz
Steroid Era's Top Players on Baseball Hall-of-Fame Ballot in 2013
Kelley L Cox – USA TODAY Sports

I’m done. I am absolutely done with the BBWAA. In what shouldn’t be a surprise, the idiots that determine who gets elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame decided on nobody today, even though this was the best and most deepest class in recent memory. Therefore, these old losers lose any and all credibility they had left.

First of all, if Mike Piazza isn’t a hall of fame player, I clearly do not know what a player has to do to reach Cooperstown. The man was the greatest offensive catcher ever, but that’s not good enough for these guys. Outside of Piazza, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, who should definitely going into the Hall of Fame together, were also snubbed. Jeff Bagwell is seriously one of the most underappreciated players in the history of MLB. There is absolutely no reason for that man not to be enshrined yet.

My main issue with the BBWAA, however, is the complete ignorant stance on PEDs. Hey, old geezers, your favorite players cheated a lot, too. Ever hear of “greenies” “uppers” or even cocaine? Yeah, a lot of your favorite players who were “pure” did a lot of that stuff, and you have no idea of proving who did and didn’t.

I can hear your response already: “Well, those aren’t the same as steroids”. While true, like everything in life, technology continues to improve at a rapid rate. If the all-time greats had access to a “steroid cream” back in the 1960s, those guys would have bathed in it.

Get off your high horse, BBWAA. You can’t just turn the other cheek because you don’t like it or don’t like the guy. This is why I have no problem calling you all the most ignorant group of curmudgeons out there.

Let it go. Barry Bonds is arguably the best player ever. While it’s obvious he “cheated”, you go shoot up for a week and tell me if you can hit a baseball with the precision Bonds had. Heck, shoot up, do nothing for a week, and nothing will happen to you.

Maybe the only way these all-time great players will get in Cooperstown is if the stick is removed from the BBWAA behind, even if it’s about twenty years too late.

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