Baseball Writers Shamed Baseball More Than Steroids Ever Did By Not Voting Anyone In the Hall of Fame

By gilgerard
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball writers (who have the power to vote players into the hall of fame) gave baseball yet another black eye today. I’d even argue that they shamed the game, it’s history, and the ghosts that came before them, more so today than any alleged steroid user ever did.

There were several names that deserved a first ballot election, and all were snubbed for reasons that should be made public.  Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mike Piazza, and Roger Clemens.

Let’s start with Biggio. Anyone care to tell me how a guy with more home runs, more RBIs, more runs scored, more stolen bases, and only 80 less hits than the famed Tony Gwynn doesn’t get in? Throw in the fact he had 3000 hits and was an outstanding defensive 2nd basemen for a long time. Throw in the fact he was a converted catcher, and played some outfield later in his career. The guy was the definition of what it means to be elite. He was a dirt dog and a heck of an athlete and he was robbed today. As a Cubs fan, I got to watch Biggio play for a long time. I’m stunned and angry that he wasn’t voted in. The writers who didn’t vote for him should be removed from voting in elections because they clearly don’t know the game of baseball.

Mike Piazza was the best offensive catcher in the HISTORY of baseball. That’s all you need to say. The fact he was left out was clearly sending a message to anyone that played in the 90’s and 2000s. You are guilty regardless of any proof. Welcome to the new American Justice system. Guilty regardless if you’re innocent.

Furthermore, what IDIOT writer voted for Aaron Sele? Are you kidding me? There’s no excuse for that travesty vote, and that writer should be fired from wherever the heck he/she works. This individual should be banned from ever writing about the game ever again. Aaron Sele? Really? WOW.

All the “alleged” steroid users were robbed today. How does Bud Selig get away with what he’s gotten away with? Baseball made damn sure not to test for steroids because it was these guys we all paid to go see. You want to play morals police? I dare you to look in your closet and your mistakes public. Those guys were “guilty” (or not guilty, who really knows) of trying to take advantage, just like so many did before them. I further ask, if steroids were the only reason why these guys did anything of value, why didn’t Marvin Benard, Rondell White, and any other scrub found “guilty” turn into hall of famers? Baseball is a game of skill. You have to hit the ball at the right time, on the right part of the bat to do damage. Some people have that gift. Others did not.

What a joke. Guess what this should mean? Ken Griffey Jr. is not a first ballot hall of famer because he should be held to the same standard as Piazza was. Frank Thomas is in the same boat. Everyone is guilty. No one is allowed to hit a homer anymore without suspicions. No one is allowed to awe us with their talent. The writers stole something from the fans today. Stole something from the great players on this year’s ballot, and for that? They need to be fired immediately. They are the black eye of baseball, not steroids or anything else.


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