It's Crazy to Keep Edgar Martinez Out of the MLB Hall of Fame

By Kase Brammer
Edgar Martinez
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll admit that former Seattle Mariners DH Edgar Martinez was not a first ballot Hall of Fame player. He may have not have even been deserving of the second or third, but if the Baseball Writers don’t start voting for the best designated hitter in MLB history, they are going to miss putting a piece of history in Cooperstown. There is still plenty of time to vote Martinez in, but he came in at just 35.9 percent of the vote. As Larry Stone of the Seattle Times pointed out, “With no one getting in this year, it’s a real logjam, and Edgar knows it.”

It may just be a matter of time before Edgar walks into the Hall of Fame, but fans of his are tired of waiting. In an era full of cheaters, Edgar’s calm demeanor shined through. His smooth, possibly sexy, swing will forever hold a piece of Seattle fan’s hearts. Edgar has eleven years left of eligibility. He may have to wait most of that time.

If you are not convinced that Edgar belongs in the Hall of Fame, just take a look at his numbers.

2,247 hits

309 home runs

514 doubles

1,219 runs

1,261 RBI

49 Stolen Bases (Proud of every single one of those bases)

.312 Batting Average

.418 On Base Percentage

Seven time All-Star

No, you’re right, they are not eye popping numbers, but next time you look at the trophy for outstanding designated hitter, just check what that award is called. If you didn’t know, it has his name written all over it. He has won the award five times and Commissioner Bud Selig re-named the award in his honor.

Edgar Martinez might not be the most popular Mariners player in the franchise’s history, but he is a fan favorite. There is a street named after him right in front of Safeco Field. Edgar will have to wait a while to get his call, but if he doesn’t get in before any of the alleged “cheaters” of his era, every single member of the Baseball Writers Association of America should be replaced and possibly fined. I could be wrong. How do you feel?

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