Michael Morse Should be a New York Yankees Priority

By Christopher Gamble
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Morse is available and the New York Yankees are in need of a right-handed bat in the outfield or at DH. The Washington Nationals are in need of rotation depth and a left-hander out of the bullpen. Seems like a match made in heaven for both teams.

Multiple reports have surfaced recently that have mentioned the Yankees, among many other teams, are interested in Morse. Morse, who became expendable after the Nationals signed Adam LaRoche at first base and have Denard Span, Bryce Harper, and Jayson Werth in the outfield, is a perfect fit for the Yankees.

Morse, 30, is due to make $6.75 million next year, certainly not a back-breaking contract for the Yankees even in their spend-thrift ways, and only has one year left on his deal before becoming a free agent which fits into the Yankees desire for one-year contracts.

Aside from being a financial fit, with Alex Rodriguez out until around the All-Star break, the Yankees need for a right-handed power bat is, to put it simply, immense. Morse, who missed a good portion of the first half of last season with a strained lat muscle, came back strong, posting a .291 average with 18 home runs, and 62RBI. In 2011 he smacked 31 homers and drove in 95 runs in only 146 games.

The Yankees could dangle Boone Logan or Clay Rapada and a starting pitcher from among Ivan Nova, David Phelps, or Adam Warren and possibly a prospect. Is that enough to get a deal done? Potentially. If I were the Nationals and Yankees I would do a Morse-for-Nova/Logan trade. Both teams are giving up a spare part for a need so unless the Nationals get a better package elsewhere I can see Morse in a Yankees uniform next season.

The baseball gods must be feeling sorry for the Yankees right now because this deal seems tailor-made for the Yankees. A right-handed power bat signed to what is essentially a bargain one-year deal and still in his prime? It has to be the baseball gods lining things up.

It even would work out for the Nationals who could add a quality starting pitcher who won’t break the bank while also adding a left-handed reliever with a fairly good track record in Logan or Rapada.

Adding Morse to their lineup would be a huge upgrade for the Yankees. Morse can get in a lot of at-bats at DH while also playing left or right field against left-handed pitching, essentially becoming an Andruw Jones/Raul Ibanez replacement in one swoop. This is a deal the Yankees not only should make but one they need to make.

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