Baseball Hall Of Fame: Really? A Vote For Aaron Sele?

By Evan Crum
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Let me ask you a serious question. If you took a look at these pitcher’s numbers would you vote for him to be in the Baseball Hall Of Fame?

His career numbers were 148-112, he posted an ERA of 4.61, and this pitcher had 1,407 strikeouts which ranks him 220th in MLB history.  This pitcher was also a two time All-Star, once in 1998 with the Boston Red Sox and in 2000 for the Seattle Mariners. These were the career numbers for Aaron Sele.

Sele received one vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame. No one knows who submitted that one vote. The voter is anonymous. They should be, because there is no reason to vote for Sele. Sele’s isn’t worthy of being near the Hall of Fame, unless he was going to Cooperstown to visit.

There are rumors about why the vote was actually cast. Some have said that Sele’s mother is a long time newspaper reporter, so someone voted for Sele because of her. This is the last time that Sele is going to be on the ballot. Perhaps someone wanted to make Sele’s mother happy so she could be proud that her son got a vote for the Hall of Fame.

Others have said it was simply a protest vote. If it was a protest vote, it’s a pretty poor protest vote. Why not vote for a player who was actually worthy of the Hall of Fame in protest? Shawn Green is a player that comes to mind if a writer wanted to protest the vote.

Next year instead of voting for Sele there should be some votes for former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike Maroth. Why not? The voting process is a joke now anyway might as well vote other bad pitchers in. The Baseball Writers of America and their voting process have now made one of the finest Hall of Fames in professional sports a joke. Thanks a lot.

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