Baseball Writers Association of America: The New Morality Police?

By Harry Dole
To satisfy a personal agenda, one of the most influential baseball writers of all time was directly responsible for unjustly running popular hall of fame pitcher Tom Seaver out of New York in 1977.   The Star-Ledger – USA TODAY SPORTS

With the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) overwhelmingly shooting down Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds first ballot Hall of Fame aspirations yesterday, there appears to be a new sheriff in town.  As if there are not enough self-righteous hypocrites in society pushing their insidious agendas on the populace, now we have the baseball writers doing their best impression of the morality police.  Hands up and spread ‘em wide folks.

When I see the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Baseball Writers Association of America grouped together, it immediately reminds me of Dick Young.  The deceased Young was elected into the writers’ wing of the Hall of Fame and was also president of the BBWAA.  Young had a 45-year career with the New York Daily News and during the latter part of his career moved over to the New York Post.  In essence, he was pimping as a rag head writer for almost half a century.

The Dick is best known for running Hall of Famer and former New York Mets pitcher Tom Seaver out of the Big Apple in 1977.  After Young wrote an inexplicable article attacking Seaver’s wife Nancy, Tom Terrific demanded a trade from the Mets.  This was the last straw for Seaver, who had been continuously stalked and attacked in print by the New York media’s most notorious misanthrope.

You see, the Dick had an agenda, as he was good buddies with detested Mets chairman and minority owner M. Donald Grant, who also was not on good terms with Seaver.  If life attracts life, the close relationship between Young and Grant proved that low-life attracts low-life.

After pitcher Dwight Gooden of the Mets returned from a cocaine drug suspension in 1987, Young urged Mets fans to boo Doc. Young was probably still bitter about being booed while speaking in Cooperstown ten years earlier, shortly after writing the malicious and unwarranted Seaver article.

Just for the record, Young deservedly belongs in the writers’ wing of the Baseball Hall of Hame.  However, the Dick’s plaque should be moved into the toilet of the restroom, so visitors can pay proper tribute to him.  And why stop there? Copies of his old articles should also be used as toilet paper.

So America’s new morality police has spoken and the verdict is in: racists, haters, drunks, adulterers, sex addicts and spit-ballers are good to go for the Hall.  As for alleged steroid users, these are very bad people who deserve to be punished and kept out.

This makes as much sense as Dick calling his newspaper column “Young Ideas.”

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