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Cole Hamels’ Shoulder Problem Might Cause Philadelphia Phillies Pain

Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies

Howard Smith-US Presswire

The Philadelphia Phillies revealed this week that Cole Hamels experienced soreness in his shoulder while throwing this off-season.

Many pitchers naturally endure aches and pains during the season, or while staying in shape by participating in throwing programs in the off-season. General manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. advised that Hamels felt soreness in his shoulder after the regular season ended. After taking some time off from his fall and winter regimen, the $144 million man is apparently completely healthy and ready for spring training.

Due to Roy Halladay’s unresolved right arm issues, Charlie Manuel certainly doesn’t want to worry about Hamels’ left hook in 2013. Whenever an important pitcher is reported to have any type of arm, or shoulder issue, red flags are naturally raised.

There are many pieces that need to fall perfectly into place for the Phillies to actually win the World Series this season. Clearly a descending amount of variables will need to be fixed for lesser accomplishments to be achieved in 2013. But, a return to postseason is clearly the main goal of this franchise.

While the days of the “Fab Four” are long-gone and actually never materialized as the organization would have liked, the Phillies can win more than 90 games this year if their mound men stay relatively healthy. It’s possible that Hamels, Halladay and Cliff Lee can still throw one of the best 1-2-3 punches at any opponent in the game.

If that potentially terrific trio does their part, the bullpen manages more than just the ninth inning and the offense is semi-respectable, positive red flags might be raised next October in Philadelphia.

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