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Justin Upton Declines Trade to Seattle Mariners; Days Are Numbered in Arizona

justin upton atlanta Braves

Jennifer Hilderbrand – USA TODAY Sports

It has been a pretty common notion that the Arizona Diamondbacks have been shopping their young superstar rightfielder, Justin Upton, all off-season. Until today, however, it felt like most of it was all smoke and mirrors. It was reported that not only were the Diamondbacks contemplating a deal for Upton, but a deal was completed with the Seattle Mariners. One little problem, though: Upton had the Mariners on his no-trade list, voiding the trade to the Emerald City.

Now, what does this tell us? Firstly, it tells us the Diamondbacks, for one reason or another, really, really want Justin Upton gone. It’s rather clear that the ownership of the team doesn’t take too kindly to attitude problems, seeing as the team traded away Trevor Bauer, who was one of their best prospects, for package that was less than stellar. Secondly, it tells us that the Seattle Mariners were ready to take a plunge on a big stick. Seattle is enriched with a lot of young talent, so it would have been interesting to see what they would have given up for Upton.

In regards to Upton’s point of view, I really cannot blame him for declining a trade to Seattle, more importantly Safeco Field. Even with the team moving in the fences, that place is a field where hitting careers go to die. While some people might call Upton selfish–which is understandable–I cannot, because his no-trade clause is there for a reason.

With this news, we have to believe that the D’Backs are planning on moving on without Upton. And teams like the Texas Rangers, which has been my favorite for Upton all along, and the Atlanta Braves will still be involved on making a deal work.