MLB Will Be First U.S. Sport To Test For HGH

By Riley Schmitt

MLB has been a sport filled with issues surrounding performance enhancing drugs, but that may be changing. The league will be the first sport to have a test for HGH in-season. That is going to be a big move going forward for sports in general.

MLB will announce agreement for random, unannounced in-season hgh blood testing. first major US sport to test for hgh.

This is a huge move.  HGH is a drug that does not get a lot of attention but it may be the biggest game changer as far as PEDs.  It allows you to recover quickly and it allows you to play longer.  It is a miracle recovery drug that has major benefits in a sport in which you play 162 games.  Getting a test done for this is big news and I expect the other major sports to follow soon.

Baseball has been ashamed of its drug history and it is nice to see them trying to make amends for that.  The test will have some issues at first, but this move will help clean the game up even more.  I assume that they will have the same bans for positive tests that they do for other PEDs.  That is also a big move going forward.

I expect to hear some people complain about this but there is nothing bad about this.  If the sport is trying to clean its image up, this is a good way to get things done.  Props to baseball on this move.

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