Paul Konerko Future Baseball Hall Of Fame Candidate?

By Evan Crum
Steven Bisig-US Presswire

After the Baseball Hall of Fame voting came and went I started to wonder if there is a player currently on the Chicago White Sox worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. My answer is yes, there is one player. That player is Paul Konerko.

Konerko has been playing in the MLB for 16 years, 14 of those with the White Sox. Let’s take a look at his career numbers. Konerko has a career .283 average, has driven in 1336 runs and has an on base percentage of .399. He has also hit 422 home runs which currently ranks him 46th on the home run list. Konerko is also a six time all-star and was the MVP of the ALCS in 2005.

Konerko doesn’t brag about his numbers.  He just goes about his business quietly. It is probably the reason most players in the MLB respect him. It is the reason that he is the captain of the White Sox. He does whatever the team needs and doesn’t question it which makes him a clubhouse leader.

If Konerko retired today then I would vote him in the Hall of Fame. Now, obviously Konerko’s numbers will go up. How much will they go up? I’m not sure. I don’t expect Konerko to have career numbers in 2013 because of his age but then again I didn’t expect him to hit .298 in 2012 either.

I just don’t know how much longer Konerko will play. He will be 37 next season and he is in the last year of his contract with the White Sox. Even though he seems to be getting better with age he can’t play forever.

I don’t know what to expect anymore with the Baseball Writers of America and their voting. Perhaps to them, Konerko doesn’t have worthy numbers to be inducted in Cooperstown. I do know this. He will probably have his number retired by the White Sox and will get eventually get a statue. The White Sox love building statues of the people that have meant so much to the organization and to the fans. Konerko will always have a special place in the hearts of White Sox fans, forever.

Enjoy the time while he plays White Sox fans because you are watching a potential Hall of Famer. I know I’m enjoying it.

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