Time Has Come For MLB To Get Rid Of Miami Marlins

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I love Major League Baseball more than any other sport out there and will take time out to make sure I’m catching as many games as I possibly can. There is one team that I have seen enough of for a variety of reasons in the Miami Marlins. While the Marlins franchise has won two World Series in their 20-year history, the destruction that the team has done with two complete rebuilds has caused me to believe that the time has come to simply get rid of the team.

This is a very extreme plan no doubt but the fans didn’t come to the old ballpark in Miami and while they showed up for the first few games at Marlins Park this past season, the end of the season saw empty seats everywhere. The fans in Florida simply don’t want baseball there it looks like. It also doesn’t help matters when Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria spent a ton of money last winter to break in a lot of high-priced free agents and now that things have gone south, Loria has traded all of them away. It’s a joke to the game in general.

Let’s save a bunch of trouble and just dissolve the whole Marlins franchise and find another team to be contracted that isn’t getting a ton of fans either and bring it back to 14 teams in each league. I have no clue who the other team would be but no matter what, the Marlins have to go. MLB can have a draft for the Marlins players and prospects to give them all new homes but this can’t go on any longer as it is ruining the game.

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