Chicago Cubs Wisely Invite Brent Lillibridge To Spring Training

By Evan Crum
Kevin Jairaj-US Presswire

Looks like Brent Lillibridge will have a chance to come back to Chicago. This time, he will have a chance to play for the Chicago Cubs. This moves makes sense for both the Cubs and Lillibridge.

Lillibridge played for the Chicago White Sox at the beginning of 2012. He was then traded to the Boston Red Sox for Kevin Youkilis and only appeared in 10 games with the Red Sox before he was traded to the Cleveland Indians. So far in Lillibridge’s young career his best time was with the White Sox in 2011.

That year, Lillibridge appeared in 97 games. He hit .258, drove in 29 runs, hit 13 home runs and had an on base percentage of .350. More importantly was Lillibridge’s defense. While he was in the outfield in 2011 he had a 100% fielding percentage.

The Cubs are giving Lillibridge a chance by inviting him to Spring Training. I think that Lillibridge would fit in well with the Cubs. Lillibridge is a scrappy player who has speed. In his five year career he has 36 stolen bases.

The risk of inviting Lillibridge isn’t much for the Cubs. However, the reward is high. Lillibridge is a good utility player which would make him very valuable to the Cubs. If Lillibridge can play like he did when he was with the White Sox in 2011 he would be great coming off the bench.

For Lillibridge, it is a great chance to show what he can do. If he plays well in Spring Training but the Cubs don’t have room on their roster, he might give himself a chance with another team. Overall, I think this is a good signing for the Cubs.

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