Could the Oakland A's Make a Run at Justin Upton?

By gilgerard
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland A’s aren’t known as a major buyer, but Billy Beane is known to strike when he feels the time and player are right for his organization. With that being said, I believe the A’s could be a PERFECT fit for Arizona Diamondbacks slugging outfielder Justin Upton. Even though Upton declined a trade to the Seattle Mariners yesterday, I believe he would waive his no trade clause to play for the A’s because this organization is closer to winning than the Mariners were.

Why could the A’s make this trade? Well, let’s think about it. The A’s have a slew of young players in their system that they could make expendable- ESPECIALLY young pitching. They have a young outfielder in Michael Choice they could make the cornerstone of the deal, and they could make Upton fit perfectly in the outfield.

Think about it: a deal surrounding Choice, AJ Cole, Sonny Gray and Max Stassi should get the Diamondbacks to bite. The A’s could then trade Coco Crisp for virtually whatever they can get, move Josh Reddick to left, Yoenis Cespedes to center and leave Upton in right. Voila! Perfect trade.

The Diamondbacks would get a young outfielder that could turn into Upton in a few years in Choice, two young upcoming arms in Cole and Gray, and top catching prospect Max Stassi.

Would the A’s be able to afford Upton? I believe they could. Upton has a pretty team friendly contract of around $38 million over the next three seasons. With this trade, the A’s could absolutely 100% contend in the brutal AL West. Is it a route they’re willing to go? Who knows? But I’d at least make a phone call if I were Billy Beane, and besides, he’s done good business with the D-Backs before.

We’ll continue to update you on all things Justin Upton as the snakes move forward in trying to trade him.

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