Justin Upton Drama Continues: Time For The New York Mets To Strike

By Devin O'Barr
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier Thursday morning the consensus around the MLB was that the Arizona Diamondbacks had traded Justin Upton to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for four top prospects. One of them, SS Nick Franklin, is a top 20 prospect across baseball and was the class of the deal along with three other minor leaguers. However, this deal did not go final as Upton declined the trade to Seattle, which is no surprise at all considering the Mariners were on Upton’s no trade list from the beginning. The Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox are also on the list.

A team not on that list is the New York Mets. I believe this is the time for the Mets to make a big move and bring in a 25-year-old franchise player than can contribute for the next 10 seasons. Now, the Mets outfield is suspect at best and as the calendar slowly turns to February, the need for a player like Upton will increase. Looking up and down this roster, the Mets only have one player that is even somewhat of a threat apart from David Wright in first baseman Ike Davis–who clubbed 32 home runs last season.

What exactly do the Mets have to lose?

They have already dealt R.A Dickey to the Blue Jays for youth as RP Noah Syndergaard and OF Wuilmer Becerra both are under the age of 20. Gaining these two prospects give the Mets some breathing room to pull the trigger and land Upton. I’m sure conservatives are crying to hang onto the youngsters, but New York has never been a team to hang tight. The Diamondbacks have shown their hand as now every team in the MLB knows exactly what they are willing to accept for Upton.

New York is not on Upton’s do not trade list and the Mets have the pieces to swing a deal and are in desperate need of another consistent bat for years to come–which is why this seems like a match made in heaven to me.

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