MLB Rumors: Boston Red Sox Jumping in the Michael Morse Sweepstakes?

By gilgerard
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With Michael Morse on the trade block, I figured a ton of different teams would be interested. When the New York Yankees jumped in as maybe the favorite, I figured that would pick up speed.

Well, MLB Rumors are starting to fly that the Boston Red Sox have jumped in the sweepstakes and are interested in trading for the right handed slugger.

Shocking. The Yankees want someone so the Red Sox have to have him, too.

This has happened time and time again between these two rivals, and I expect the Nationals are going to seriously play against the other and get a better deal than they’d normally get.

I actually don’t think trading the farm system for Morse would be a real good move for the organization. Yes, Morse has some monster power, but he’s really only show it over the last two years at a consistent pace. Throw in the fact he was hurt last year, would it make the most sense?

The Red Sox (in my opinion) are farther away from contending again than the Yankees or Toronto Blue Jays. Throw in the Baltimore Orioles who emerged as a playoff team last year, I don’t think Morse changes much for the Red Sox.

We’ll see what happens with all this talk. I know the Red Sox have been aggressive with these kinds of moves before, but again, I don’t think their organization is healthy enough to make a big trade like this one.  I feel like the farm system is certainly on the right path, but no real reason to empty it on a more risk guy like Morse.

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