The Colorado Rockies Would Be Crazy To Trade Carlos Gonzalez

By gilgerard
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies slumped pretty badly in 2013. They battled a slew of injuries to key offensive hitters like Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki. With that being said, there’s been a ton of rumors surrounding the Rockies wanting to trade Carlos Gonzalez. I don’t really buy all of them, but I can see the Rockies being tempted with dangling him out there and seeing who bites. I personally think they’d be incredibly nuts to trade Gonzalez because he’s one of the few guys in baseball that can do it all when healthy.

This guy has shown he’s got the ability to hit for power, average, run the bases, and play a pretty decent defensive outfield, so why trade him? Well, maybe the Rockies fear that he’s a one-hit wonder so to speak and after giving him a monster extension….perhaps they want to get top value for him. However, that’s an insane risk. If they trade Gonzalez for a slew of prospects, those prospects don’t pan out, and Gonzalez goes back to being the guy I think he is? Many people will be getting fired in Colorado.

Look, I think it’s just way to premature to think about a move like this. Let’s get this team healthy, let some of their arms develop and see what happens from there. There’s no reason to jump into any deal half cocked based on a fear. If Gonzalez mashes once again, his value goes up and the team is better.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on Carlos Gonzalez being traded, but I would be shocked if it actually picked up serious steam.

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