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Why Would the San Diego Padres Consider Trading Chase Headley?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Headley is consistently on the trading block according to all sorts of MLB Rumors content on the internet. Why is that, exactly? Because he plays for the San Diego Padres? Because teams asked about him at the trade deadline last year? Okay, I suppose that makes some sense, but that doesn’t mean the Padres want to trade him and frankly, they’d be nuts to trade him.

This guy went off last year and put up MVP-quality stats in arguably the best pitchers’ park in all of baseball. Why in the heck would the Padres want to just go and replace that production with a ton of “maybe” prospects? I absolutely believe Headley is going to have another good year this year, and if the Padres could get him some help in the order, maybe they could compete sooner rather than the suspected later. I know the Padres have arguably the best farm system in all of baseball, but come on.

Any team would be lucky to have a guy like Headley and the Padres should be looking at him as a building block. A cornerstone piece. Not a guy they can trade so they can continue building AA and AAA with 18-20 year old kids who may or may not work out at the big league level.

If the Padres trade Headley, I can see their fan base forgetting about the Padres more so then they do now. Eventually, a team has to draw a line and say this guy? Is someone we want to build around.  Chase Headley is that guy. Hopefully they realize it before it’s too late.