The 30 Best Prospects of the 2013 MLB Draft

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There is nothing more unpredictable, confusing, and wild than the MLB Amateur Draft. Considering there are about eleventy billion rounds, full of players both in high school and college, it’s impossibly hard to predict and know for a certainty that some of these players will come to fruition. For every Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper and Joe Mauer, there is a Matt Bush, Bryan Bullington or Tim Beckham. Fact of the matter is: no one knows anything about the MLB Draft. It’s all just educated guessing.

The 2013 MLB Draft is still months away, but it’s never too early to start looking at the players who we will see on that faithful day. There are men of all ages, backgrounds, and talent levels in this draft. Some players are as young as 17 years old, while others are college seniors. But all of them have the same opportunity to become the number one overall pick. Although, even if a player isn’t selected number one overall, it’s not a slight towards his ability.

The MLB Draft doesn’t work like a lot of other amateur drafts. Signability means just as much as actual talent, which is why Mike Trout fell all the way down to the Angels. Needless to say, a lot of teams are probably regretting being so cheap.

Also, since there are compensation picks that allow teams to take over another team’s slot, it’s kind of hard to do an actual “Mock Draft”. Plus, those things are ridiculous anyway, seeing as they never are accurate. So, here are the 30 best prospects from the upcoming 2013 MLB Draft.

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Phil Ervin (Samford)


Ervin is a little under the radar due to the fact he plays for Samford University, but the talented centerfielder has the chance to crack the first round in 2013. The BB/K ratio is a bit concerning, but he has a ton of talent.

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Rob Kaminsky (St. Joseph HS)


Well, when you throw three no-hitters in your Junior year and have a fastball that can reach as high as 96 MPH, you are going to have a lot of people interested in your services.

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Jan Hernandez (Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy)


At 6'3, 190 pounds, Hernandez has a body that is made for the infield; plus, he has a lightning quick bat, which could develop some power.

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Justin Williams (Terrebonne HS)


It's pretty obvious by looking at him, but Justin Williams has some of the biggest raw power in the draft, which will probably get him picked higher than what I have him.

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Nick Ciuffo (Lexington HS)


A left-handed, power bat at catcher? I guarantee one of the thirty teams will fall in love with that makeup.

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Aaron Judge (Fresno State)

Jayne-Kamin Oncea - USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Judge is 6'7. I might be drawing a blank on someone obvious, but I cannot think of a position player in Major League Baseball that is that tall.

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Jon Denney (Yukon HS)


Thanks to an impressive performance at the 2013 showcase, Jon Denney is moving up a lot of team's draft boards. I mean, you can never have enough catchers, right?

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Casey Shane (Centennial HS)


Shane is a solid pitcher that has a plus fastball and splitter.

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Tyler Danish (Durant HS)


Another high school pitcher who can throw in the mid-90s. I would probably cry if I had to face one of these dudes in high school.

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DJ Peterson (New Mexico)


When your name is attached to the words "triple crown", you obviously have a whole lot of talent. Peterson won the triple crown for the Mountain West Conference in 2012.

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Trevor Williams (Arizona State)


In nearly 150 innings, Williams has only walked 19 batters. Any pitcher who shows that type of control has a lot of promise.

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Brian Navarreto (Arlington Country Day HS)


Navarreto might be one of those "catch it and throw it" type catchers, seeing as his defensive ability behind the plate is fantastic.

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Marco Gonzales (Gonzaga)


Marco Gonzales is one of those players who wasn't born with talent, but he gets the most out of what he has. He has worked extremely hard to become one of the best draft prospects out there, which is evident by him making the US Collegiate National Team.

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Colin Moran (North Carolina)


I guess when you hit .365 and that's a "slump", you are a pretty good hitter. Moran is just that, although like most young hitters, he will need his power to progress.

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Bobby Wahl (Ole Miss)


Wahl has a fastball that gets as high as 95 MPH and has a changeup that goes as low as 78 MPH. That 17 MPH difference will make any scout drool.

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Austin Wilson (Stanford)

Melina Vastola - USA TODAY Sports

Wilson was drafted out of high school based on his potential, but decided to enroll in Stanford instead. While his numbers have decreased over the course of his career, it's hard not to be enamoured by his 6'5, 235-pound frame.

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JP Crawford (Lakewood HS)


JP Crawford is only 17 years old, but is on the fast track to the Majors. The high school star will most definitely get drafted this year, but he might go to Southern Cal if he doesn't like the money he will be receiving.

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Kris Bryant (San Diego)


Many mock drafts have Bryant in the top 10, some even have him as the number one overall pick.

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Dominic Smith (Serra HS)


It's not entirely clear whether Smith will be a hitter or pitcher, but he excels in both areas.

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Jonathon Crawford (Florida)

Rob Foldy - USA TODAY Sports

Crawford, like a lot of these guys, has a very lively fastball that can reach 98 MPH. He also has a pretty nice sinker. He also threw a no-hitter, which is impressive at any level.

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Karsten Whitson (Florida)

Bruce Thorson - USA TODAY Sports

Whitson was the ninth overall pick a couple drafts ago, but decided to go to the University of Florida instead of earning $2.1 million from the San Diego Padres. The talent is still there for Whitson, so I'm sure we will see him get selected in the top half of the draft.

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Austin Meadows (Grayson HS)


Meadows is a rarity in this draft, seeing as he has all the five tools scouts and GMs look for. However, like a lot of those five-tool guys, he could turn into the next Mike Trout or flame out. Then again, the same can be said about anyone.

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Trey Ball (New Castle HS)


Ball is one of those players who has a future either on the mound or in the field, which makes him all the more intriguing. The 6'6, lanky lefty will be near the top of a lot of team's big board.

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Oscar Mercado (Gaither HS)


Unlike most high school shortstops, Mercado has the ability to play there throughout his career. Mercado's ceiling could be as high as becoming another Elvis Andrus.

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Kohl Stewart (St. Pius HS)


Kohl Stewart's draft stock might fall due to the fact he's a superstar quarterback as well. It's just as likely that he will go to college and play QB.

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Reese McGuire (Kentwood HS)


Out of all the awesome catching prospects we have seen in the draft thus far, Reese McGuire is the cream of the crop.

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Sean Manaea (Indiana State)

Tina Dechausa - ISU Media Relations

Manaea isn't that polished yet, but the potential is all there to become a frontline starter. Electric, left-handed starters are something all teams are smitten with.

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Clint Frazier (Loganville HS)


From researching, his MLB comparison is Andrew McCutchen. I think that's all I need to know on how good this kid can be.

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Ryne Stanek (Arkansas)

Bruce Thorson - USA TODAY Sports

You know when a guy is named "Ryne", he has baseball in his blood. Stanek has four pitches he throws well and could carry any team's rotation for years to come. The only negative thing about Stanek is his mechanics.

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Mark Appel (Stanford)

Melina Vastola - USA TODAY Sports

Considering Appel was likely going to be the no. 1 pick last season before signability issues arose, it's pretty likely that we could see the Stanford ace picked first overall in this year's draft.

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