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Albert Pujols Will Likely Play In the World Baseball Classic

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Angels slugger Albert Pujols isn’t shying away from the World Baseball Classic like teammate Mike Trout. Unfortunately for the rest of the competition, he’ll be suiting up for his hometown country, the Dominican Republic. I respect the heck out of Albert Pujols as he’s obviously one of the most feared hitters of all time, but I respect him more for suiting up and representing his country. I love the attitude of him being honored to wear his nations colors.

The DR is always a favorite in the WBC due to the talent they run out consistently. They’re going to be loaded once again with stars from the big leagues, and they’ll look to Pujols to anchor this lineup. Some major league players shy away from the tournament so not to risk a potential injury, but it could be well worth it for Pujols. I expect Pujols to get off to a fast start this year, as seeing stud pitching from the get-go is going to get his body moving faster, sooner.

We’ll see what happens with the WBC. I certainly hope this “risk” doesn’t end up with Pujols getting injured, but you have to respect the man for putting it all on the line when his country comes calling. I sincerely hope the young kids of baseball look at Pujols and learn to understand what it means to done your countries’ colors. I for one can’t wait for the competition to start. At least it’ll take place in San Francisco, so now we can go see this awesome event domestically!