Scott Boras Is Ruining MLB

By Andy Schmidt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there has been one man who has changed the course of sports over the past decade that isn’t a player, it would have to be agent Scott Boras. Boras has gotten his clients mega contracts that have put massive stress on the wallets of professional teams, especially in Major League Baseball.  My problem is that Boras is really ruining the game as opposed to helping it.

We live in an economy where money is tight and people are out of work, but still we see players getting contracts that are well over $100 million. How does the average working person feel about seeing someone playing game making probably 50 or 60 times more than they do? I know I’m not a fan of Boras and I would wish he would go far away. I know that won’t ever happen, but the time of big contracts has to go away for the sake of MLB. There are small-market teams that simply can’t compete against the big dogs because they simply don’t have the money to match what Boras is getting for his players.

It is a true disservice to everyone to see someone making $25 million who doesn’t deserve it. I have always thought that there should be a cap of the amount of money one player can make for a season. Would it be so bad to cap it at $5 million, or even $1 million? It could at least make a level playing field for every team if players aren’t going to be signed for huge amounts. I know there is no way that this will ever happen, and definitely not with Boras around.

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