Chicago White Sox: Two File For Arbitation, Are They Worth It?

By Evan Crum
Jake Roth-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox are going to have an interesting choice coming up. On January 15th, Gordon Beckham and Alejandro De Aza both filed for salary arbitration. On January 18th, both sides will exchange salary figures. If they can’t agree to a deal then there will be a hearing.

Beckham is a first time arbitration eligible player so he could see his salary go up to $3 million compared to the $520,000 he was receiving. As for De Aza he can make $1.7 million compared to what he was making in 2012, he was making $495,000. Should the White Sox give both players the amount of money that they want?

Let’s take a look at Beckham first. In 2012 Beckham hit .234, with 16 home runs and drove in 60 runs. This is was a better year for Beckham then he had in 2011. Though Beckham also had the same on base percentage in 2011 and 2012 at .296. The White Sox shouldn’t give Beckham the $3 million that he might ask for. If the White Sox want to give him more money they should wait to see what Beckham does in 2013.

Beckham is going to be a free agent in 2016. If he doesn’t improve on his hitting and doesn’t cut down on his swing he should be ready to leave Chicago. If Beckham does improve on both then the White Sox can pay him his money.

As for De Aza, he hit .281, hit nine home runs and drove in 81 runs for the White Sox. De Aza does deserve the raise. He was a solid leadoff hitter for the White Sox. With that being said, if De Aza is asking for $1.7 million the White Sox should bring him back down to Earth.

2012 was De Aza’s first full season in the MLB. I would say that even though De Aza does deserve the raise the White Sox should counter that offer. Instead of $1.7 million they should offer De Aza $600,000.

It is a hard decision with both players and I’m glad I’m not Rick Hahn who must make the decision.

What do you think? Should the Chicago White Sox give both players what they want? Let me know and follow me on Twitter @EvanCrum1319

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