Michael Bourn Still Free Agent As 2013 Spring Training Approaches

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason has had to be torture for Michael Bourn. Bourn sits without a team with under a month to go until Major League Baseball begins spring training. The new collective bargaining agreement has provisions in there that would force a team that signs Bourn to give up a draft pick. The biggest problem with this is that there are major free agents still available who should have been scooped up months ago.

I’m not sure where Bourn is going to land. While I think the Seattle Mariners would be a great landing spot for Bourn, I could easily see Bourn signing a one-year deal somewhere and trying again next year. That is not the perfect scenario though as this could happen all over again next offseason. Would a team like the Miami Marlins make a run at Bourn? That’s not likely because the Marlins don’t want anyone who makes more than a few pennies it appears.

This leaves Bourn with a difficult decision and hoping some team will want to give up a draft pick for a player who is a good leadoff hitter who can steal 50-60 bases in a season. The one team that would surprise me but could use a boost for their offense to avoid a 110-loss season is the Houston Astros. Houston is going to have a lot of problems in their first year in the American League and any offense would help the Astros out. The number of teams that wouldn’t want Bourn is higher than the teams who would sign him. That leaves Bourn maybe looking into February for a new team in 2013.

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