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MLB Washington Nationals

Rafael Soriano Makes Washington Nationals Team To Beat

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If a team was still looking for a closer in 2013, Rafael Soriano was still sitting out there for any Major League Baseball team to go get. While Soriano should have been signed months ago, it finally took until the middle of January for Soriano to sign with the Washington Nationals. This move just makes Washington even more dangerous.

Soriano will go to the back end of a Washington bullpen that already has Drew Storen in it to give the Nationals two power arms to end games with. This is a move that should put a scare into a lot of teams in the National League as Washington has pretty much sealed up the NL East now. The Washington lineup will score a ton of runs and with a starting rotation led by Stephen Strasburg could win 90-95 games especially with a closer like Soriano at the back end of the bullpen.

It is a move that I truly wasn’t expecting to see happen but the Nationals did need to get a proven closer to go with Storen. They have now achieved their goal and Soriano should be able to rack up over 40 saves for the Nationals in 2013. The problem I have is how long it took for Soriano to get signed though with the new draft pick compensation. Soriano would have been signed by the end of December if the old rules were still in effect but now Soriano had to wait. The system still seems messed up to me but Soriano is now a National and the World Series could be headed to Washington.

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