Top Seven Possible Teams to Trade for Justin Upton

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Top Seven Possible Teams to Trade for Justin Upton

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Going into the off-season there were a few very attractive outfield free-agents on the market. Most of the talk surrounded them until the MLB Winter Meetings. By the end of those meetings, B.J. Upton signed with the Atlanta Braves, the Boston Red Sox grabbed Shane Victorino and the Minnesota Twins traded Denard Span and Ben Revere. That mix left only a couple of big name players out there. Michael Bourn is one and the other most talked about is Justin Upton.

Bourn has seen interest fade quite a bit because of his signing being tied to draft pick compensation. The huge pay day he is asking for isn’t helping either. That leaves several teams very interested in making a trade deal for Justin Upton. One deal was already done that would have sent him to the mariners but Upton killed it before the GMs sat the phone down good.

We could assume he just doesn’t want to play in Seattle. They are a rebuilding team so it’s hard to blame him when other teams might be interested that have a much better chance at winning now. For the purposes of this slideshow we are going to focus mainly on teams that actually have a good chance of dealing for Upton if they choose to. These teams also for the most part are teams Upton would be glad to play for.

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7 - New York Mets

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The New York Mets have been thrown out as possible suitors for Justin Upton for a while. They could use the power and the talent in the outfield and they have some money to spend. The only hold back might be the Arizona Diamondbacks asking price for Upton. The deal to the Seattle Mariners that was killed by Upton, sets a pretty high trade value on him. That said, the Mets are still paying attention and could re-enter the Upton pool of teams at a higher level at any time.

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6 - Baltimore Orioles

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Having non-tendered Mark Reynolds, the Baltimore Orioles certainly found themselves looking for a middle-of-the-line-up kind of bat this winter. Justin Upton is one of a few names that have come up for them. While it would seem to be a good fit because the O’s have the young pitching that the Arizona Diamondbacks would want in return, it might not be. The Orioles good young pitching is potentially great, not just good. They just aren’t willing to part with their best prospects. Still, if time gets short and the D’Backs want to move Upton bad enough, look for the Orioles to stand up with a cheaper offer to try and land him.

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5 - Arizona Diamondbacks

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As strained and stressed as the relationship seems between Justin Upton and his current team, it is not out of the realm of possibility for Upton to remain with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The fact that they have a ton of outfielders and need some more pitching, still reek of trade talks but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would have to be Upton. They could choose to move Jason Kubel and keep Upton instead. The Diamondbacks and Upton might need relationship counseling after this off-season if he returns there however.

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4 - Philadelphia Phillies

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While the Philadelphia Phillies haven’t been mentioned by name a great deal in the Justin Upton trade rumors, it is known that they are looking for a right-handed outfielder. Of those in the market, Upton would certainly be a good get for the team as they try to regain steady ownership of the top spot in the NL East. Though whispers remain silent and there haven’t been a lot of talks between the two teams, it seems Philly would be a decent fit if they were willing to pay Upton’s price.

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3 - San Diego Padres

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There were talks and whispers earlier in January that the San Diego Padres might want to insert themselves into the Justin Upton deal making sweepstakes. The names that were thrown around at first included that of Chase Headly. I’m not saying a deal won’t work out between these two teams but to me it seems a little less likely if the Padres are unwilling to part with Headly, which I think they probably will be. Dealing Headly for Upton at this point would make little sense for the Padres. Since they don’t have the greatest available pitchers for trade options they find themselves lower on this list of possible Upton suitors. Nothing is ever set in stone however and if the Padres for some reason are willing to part with Headly, I assume Arizona would be willing to throw a few outfielders their way, much less Justin Upton.

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2 - Texas Rangers

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From the very beginning of the trade talks concerning Justin Upton, the Texas Rangers have been thought to be a very likely landing spot. They have the money and are very interested. Recently things cooled for the Rangers for some reason. In all probability it was the asking price of the Diamondbacks as far as trade values are concerned. Perhaps the Rangers will go in another direction or maybe the asking price will lower to their liking. Even though they have been said to be out of the race for Upton, they are still paying attention I assure you.

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1 - Atlanta Braves

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After having their names tossed around as a strong landing place for Justin Upton, the Atlanta Braves dropped out of the running seemingly because the Arizona Diamondbacks were asking for Andrelton Simmons in return. That wasn’t going to happen if the D’Backs were willing to trade half the team. Just when an outfield with both Uptons seemed not to be in the cards, things changed again as they do with trade rumors. The Diamondbacks acquired a shortstop and then began looking for pitching in return for Upton. The Braves have pitching and plenty of it to spare. This has them hovering around the top of the best suitors for Upton. One would have to assume that Upton would jump at the chance to play with his brother. As likely as this deal might be, the price still might need to come down first, which would bring other teams back into the fold as well.

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